Black Me

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Black Me

European is listed under history while African is an elective,

But schools aren’t the only places that are being selective-


You see: entering a store I’m greeted with a smile,

Meanwhile, the black me walks in only to get stared at for a while.


“Aislinn Fallon, such a successful girl” is how I’m introduced-

Black me is introduced as no more than a basketball recruit


People say racism ended with slavery and that’s it.

Just hearing that quite honestly makes me want to vomit.


“Go back to Africa” black me hears the white man yell,

Does he not realize her ancestors were forced here on the slave ship, a living hell?

Well that’s if they got through the torture at least

Probably pushed up against someone who was already deceased.


“Go back to Europe” is something I’ve never been told,

And I never will be because people wrongfully think this country is mine

In reality my relatives weren’t even here for much of our history’s time.


I don’t have to put my hands up and yell, “Please don’t shoot”

Black me doesn’t even have time to shout so she’s already on the ground bleeding out.


Black me is told “you’re pretty…well for a black girl of course”

So I’m the one in magazine ads selling foundation who’s shades are not so diverse.

Do makeup companies not realize there is more than one shade of skin in this universe?


Am I the only one who thinks it’s insane that our entire society is built on how much melanin is in our skin?

That only one black has ever had a presidential win? 


Or why 80% of congress is white,

We all know most of them only made it there because their skin is light

And for some reason that’s just all right?


I get an A and black me gets a D for the exact same answers,

that teacher sees black me as nothing more than a cancer

So I’m on my way to ivy league

And she’s cleaning bathrooms until her body gives out from fatigue.


If only the entire human population were just blind

Then maybe property wouldn’t still have the traces of redline.


Christopher Columbus is celebrated for finding land that was already there,

Native Americans were on that land but nobody really seems to care.

Guess its cause they didn’t have white skin and blonde hair.


I know my whole family tree,

But black me can only go so far back until human beings switch to being called property.


There is privilege in our nation based on generation after generation of segregation.

I am viewed in this nation as a blue-eyed doll with pearlescent pure skin that grants me automatic admiration,


This is privilege that I don’t deserve.

Especially when so many others voices need to be heard.


None of this is okay I didn’t earn this privilege so take it away.


© Copyright 2018 Aislinn Fallon. All rights reserved.

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