Lullaby For A Dying Child

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Lullaby For A Dying Child

Sleep ye, in the house of molten emotion;

The stars will sieve their light through the window.

Like a halo over an angel elated,

Ye shall rest in the heavenly glow.


In dreams will ye trot to a world divine;

With splendid gates wrought in gold,

And colossal columns whiter than Zeus’s locks,

Which stand upright like warriors bold.


A blinding light will hit thy eyes,

As pure as Aurora’s glow;

And rocked in the cradle of heaven’s fleece,

Ye will float as God’s breath doth blow.


When ye reach a sky different from all,

Like ebony marked with lines of rage;

Sitting on the edge of a flaming rock, 

Ye shall meet a thoughtful sage.


Through the spark of the light in his gleaming eyes,

He’ll adorn the sky in golden hue;

Like a royal bride in sanguine attire, 

She will sift, like flowers, the peppy dew.


When ye close thy eyes to feel the wind,

Ye’ll forget the world ye left behind;

And the words that fill the book of thy heart

Will be lost someplace ye’ll never find.


Thou shall fly away never to return,

To sleep under The Pious Wing;

Like a star blurring in the heights of sky,

Ye will disappear, as the night for you doth sing.

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