the hand i was i dealt

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



The Hand I Was Dealt

So, I sat down to play in this game called life, I looked at my hand and noticed the strife, Disturbed, shaken, and depression I felt, But I decided I’d play the hand I was dealt.

As the game began I saw both good and bad, Books handed to me from the dealer, who seemed quite glad, Of my nervousness, pain, and everything I felt, Yet still, I played the hand I was dealt.

So, the game continued with a major drawback, But it wasn’t a game, it was cancer – my father, it attacked, At first there was crying, fear, and depression felt, With God’s healing hands, he played the hand he was dealt.

And I looked once more at the books I’d been dealt, Denial, lost, and confusion I felt, As the doctor told me, I’m sorry, your husband is dead. Did he misread my cards? Did he mean what he’d said?

So, it turned out that this hand was indeed a bad deal, No one told me this hand would make me feel the way I feel, Angry, betrayed, and weariness I felt, I give up, I’m not playing this hand I was dealt.

But I can’t give up now, the game is just about through, Surely, I’m not the only one going through what I’m going through, As I looked around the table at the faces, suddenly I felt, I wasn’t the only one playing a bad hand that was dealt.

And guess what else? The game ceased to end, it continues still. So that emptiness, confusion, the world will continue to feel. I decided to stay in the game, because break-through is what I felt. I’ll make it. I have no choice to play the hand I was dealt.

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