Life Goes On, They Say

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Life Goes On, They Say…

I was walking through pretty woods

I could see wild flowers bending

Towards the little beams of light

Shooting through the green ceiling

I could see little mushrooms

Blooming between life’s circle

Having lunch with old roots


I walked into a naked clearing

And all the birds were gone

Even death held its breath

And the dirt was pale

in a strange foreign light

There I saw, tied to a lonely Dead willow

A lonely, dead man


In a fiery, spontaneous fight

My courage looked on

As my curiosity wrestled my fear

And I approached him wearily


Stapled to his chest

There was a parchment

Made of pale flesh,

It read…




I am a hard man

Not like a cowhand

Rough skinned and sun tanned

Hard like a final exam

The night before which

You drank too much Hamm’s


So, you’re staring down

Through your swimming head

Wishing you’d have read

Any page in that overpriced textbook

You got a loan to buy


I am one hard test

Testing my family

My friends

Their friends too



I’m filled to the brim

With asinine questions

My answers subjective


I’m one tough cookie

Just not the kind who survives

The jungle cage


More like

The patience it takes

To subdue the rage

That you know,

Deep down

Is the road to your prison


I am a talking grave

Just walk away

Just walk away



I stopped there

And I stared for a moment

In complete disbelief

That a life

Could mean but a few words

Stapled to a tree


And I did walk away

I walked briskly away


And the forest became pretty

And life was in bloom

And the feast of the shrooms

Was still by my shoes


And music rang

Of happy delight

Bouncing off trees

And out of my sight


I could hear a man humming

Rolling along

Through the woods on a tricycle

with creatures in throng


Together we stood

Facing to face

Where life was in bloom

And a Mantis gave grace


He bowed

In great balance

His pipe hung unemptied

He grinned Ear to ear

And he sang


“I love to smoke

I feel lighter than air

Clouds move about

Ship of the heavens


Life goes on

They say…


move along

This way

And that way


Pass on by

Earth’s not going anywhere

Earth’s not going anywhere…



I love to smile

I smell the moment’s air

rolling about

In all directions


Life goes on

They say


Move along…

This way and that way


Pass on by

Earth’s not going anywhere

Earth’s not going anywhere…



If I could but ask

This stranger who passed

 What is it that I’ve seen?

You sir, and the dead behind

Are you two but a dream?


But nothing lasts

And so too him

The player on the wheel


There is past

A buoyant hymn

The winds of time did steal





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