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My prized possessions of all mothers of writing. This is the description I believe Everyone can relate to.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Writing… Writing… What am I writing..? Will I write something cliché about love? Or become the average white girl and talk about something as basic as Starbucks; which I hate by the way… Writing… I can open my mind to you. I could talk about love like I have never loved before, or like I have loved for every second of my life. I can sound gooey and sweet. I can sound savage and cynical, or make you question the point of life all together. I can make you imagine my point of view, while getting you to understand who I am; my lifestyle. I can question your faithfulness. Are you truly faithful to your word, your love? Or are you a dirty mind, inside, hiding behind your lies?

Writing… I could write to you about how SHITTY my day has been. I can be inspirational… (PAUSE) I can be heartbroken, distraught, and angry all in one line. Make you feel something you’ve chosen to repress for years on end. Then remind you with your tears why you've pushed your true feelings under the bed, hiding with the boogie man. BOO!! I'll make you feel something you've never felt before. I shall confuse you in the sense of the analytical mind set some lack to use; others who abuse, as I do. I'll dumb down a thing or two, for you, if you prefer for me to use. I could write for days and days on end, then times that by ten, times that by a thousand, a Billion! NO! Infinity and beyond. Creating a poem, or a story in a matter of 10 minutes or less. Just like this “free form” of writing, I’ve accomplished this far in six minutes under the belt of creativity trying to escape my mind. By gliding this red ink across these empty lines, I had penetrated your imagination.

I just had you imagine. Telepathically showing you what I see; expanding your imagination, showing you how I feel.. Empty… Now, you wouldn’t have guessed these feeling when reading the words, “empty lines”. You would just see a paper being filled with words. But that’s how I feel most of the time… Empty. Like an empty vessel just trying take your space, your lines. Transforming into the words on this page by filling up the emptiness of a blank piece paper… Your heart, can you feel the pain? Am I grasping your inner emotions the way you grasp her inner thigh? Making you understand, SHOWING you my thoughts. They get dark. For I love the world, and its beauty more than people itself. Spending time alone, imagining a new form of art to draw. Or admiring the perfect picture sitting in front of me. The world is in front of me, beauty is in front of me. Not some technological device that will be non-existent in a matter of 5 years. Nature is everlasting, BEAUTY, is everlasting.

Well they say, “take a picture, it lasts longer”. And they’re right! It captures a moment, a memory. It is there as a reminder of who you are, were, and who you’ve turned out to be, to you and to me. To also remind you of another form of beauty; happiness. A memory you can’t forget now. Why? Because of this one photograph you can go back in time. Non-existent? Please, this is time travel, it happens through a photo. You can always go back to the past in your mind, but never into the future. That’s the real truth behind time, that’s the truth about life. Did I have you imagine again?

Writing… You will always have my past and my present, but my future will stay unknown. Writing… You help remind me, or forget, about my past. Though the past is gone, my future looks bright with you in it, my forever, endeavoring, lovingly darling, writing.

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