black woman

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Black woman

Who are you today?

Are you the queen among the crowd

Blessing all with your glory?

Are you the strong and independent one?

That needs no man to tell her she can?

Tell me black woman,

Who are you today?

Are you the one fighting for her rights,

And his rights,

And their rights,

To live, love, and be free?

Are you the ‘Olivia Pope’ today,

Charging in with no nonsense

Or patience for stupidity?

The brilliant woman who knows her worth

And will not be told otherwise.

Are you, black woman?

Are you blessed with gorgeous lips?

Wide hips?

Dark or fair skin?

Big or short hair?

Small or big butts?

Boobs or no boobs?

Thicc or not thicc?

Curvy and firm?

Are you all of these things, black woman?

The nubian queen that holds her man

And takes care of her children?

Are you the single mother fighting strong

With barely enough income for her two children

But still wanting an education?

Are you something to uphold, black woman?

Or are you what they think you are?

The loud mouth, ghetto hood rat

No class, all sass

Nothing going for herself but a baby daddy

That won’t even claim the baby

Now you see yourself on Maury?

Are you prone to violence when called a bitch

But turn around and say, “girl, a bitch need some brazilian”

Because your hair is not recognize for the beauty that it is

Even by you the owner of such creation?

Are you the teen with a baby?

Thinking she’s in love, but really just a slut?

Are you everything they proclaim?

Tell me black woman,

Are you the most unprotected woman in America?

Black woman, who are you?

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