The Lost Hurtful Boy

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This is a story about a boy who just could find happiness and thought he'd never ever be, because of all his past relationships that killed him inside. Until one day he had seen this amazing girl
and he just changed into a whole other person after all the past relationship he had been hurt by he still managed to find his true love and found HAPPINESS!

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



The Lost Hurtful Boy



There once was a boy who could just never find love, people don’t seem to like him because he wasn’t like them so high above. He started to lose it because he is tired of being alone. Every time people try talking to him, he always seems to have this low tone. He’s always so quiet and holds everything inside, at the end of the day all he knows how to do is hide. One day he was so sad that he didn’t want to talk to anyone, and then he met some girl and fell in love. They had a great relationship, but out of nowhere he got this feeling. This feeling that he didn’t like, he hated it like he was going to get in a fight.

As days go by that feeling got bigger and bigger, and was killing him inside. He started to notice the girl he was in love with started acting different with him, that the beautiful light he saw in her started to fade away and dim. He later on found out that she was just playing games, and from that day on he was in deep fucken pain. He was so mad that he started to say “I fucken loved her, I didn’t do anything to hurt her. She fucken played me and I hate it…Ugh.” And he was so pissed off that he even blacked out, he went crazy and he lost his mind. When he lost his mind, he got a knife and ran straight to the restroom locked the door and angrily said “one cut, two cuts, three cuts”, and within that moment he looked and saw the blood rushing down his arm to the puddle on the floor. He laid down, closed his eyes not a single word he could say, but all he could remember was the pain. Not from what he did, but what had happened to him that same day. He woke up the next day saying it was all a dream, but when he looked and saw that it was really reality. He didn’t feel like going to school and getting up, all he wanted to do was stay home and cry about it all day.  But eventually he got up and went to school, he didn’t talk to anyone did not speak a single word. All he was thinking about is what happened that night, he was walking to each of his classrooms and noticed everyone was in a relationship and he was the only one not in one and was alone. He was miserable his whole life, he thought he would never find love or know what love is.

 So days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, for a very long time he was alone and never found love. Until one day he was walking to one of his classes, and saw an amazing, gorgeous girl in glasses. He was falling in love, but not to the point where he could tell her face to face. He wanted to go up and talk to her and get to know her, but he was so scared to go up to her and have a nice conversation. All he wants is for one girl to see the good side of him, all they see is the stupid and ugly side of him. He was scared because all his life he was cheated on constantly. All he ever wanted was a serious and decent relationship with a wonderful girl, but that never happened he was hurt and heartbroken many times. So back to that gorgeous girl in glasses, after the bell rings he is so desperate to go to his classes. He can’t wait to see her, he sometimes thinks about them ever being together. He gets the butterflies when she would just look at him, sooner or later he was going to ask her how she’s been. One day he had the guts to tell the truth, and told her that he liked her but she had no clue. She was surprised about what he said, but she didn’t feel the same for him so she just changed the subject instead. And he was waiting for a response, but she never answered it. He was happy at first, but then he just went back to being the hurtful boy. He was a little sad and mad, but he said to himself “She doesn’t see the good in me, if she did she would have been glad.” And then he told her what was on his mind he said to her “Look I know you don’t like me and that’s okay, because I know I’m not good for you I’m never good for anyone. Okay I’m going to be straight up with you… All boys care about girls is that if they have big boobs and an ass, but look me I don’t care, I don’t look at girls like that, to me that is disrespecting a girl. Like all I want from a girl is to just love me, and not to cheat on me. I like you how you are I don’t care if you don’t have what other girls have as long as you have what other girls don’t have.” He told her straight up that he really liked her and no matter how she was he still was in love with her. But you see she never got the good side of him, no one ever did and ever will. He was so sad that she didn’t like him back, she didn’t know what to say, so they just never talked about it ever again. He still liked her anyway, if she didn’t feel the same.

Later on, days go by he started to feel sad and lonely, he started thinking about things and his problems. Then again he started to lose it, his mind went blank and did what he did last time. He said to himself “If I’m going to do it, then I do it right…” he had cut once again and the blood pouring out of his arm to the floor. He was sad but happy, because he was lying down on the floor with his phone looking at a picture of the beautiful girl and sadly said “I love you even thoe you didn’t feel the same for me.” As the tears fall down his face, he closes his eyes and the last word he ever said was “Goodbye”. The next day he never woke up…he just laid there on the floor, waiting to be found but like his name he was never found, he was always “The Lost Hurtful Boy”.

 School started and hours passed by no sign of the boy, the girl starts to worry and was wondering where he could be. She was looking everywhere for him, she was losing it, she had blown up his phone with messages and calls but there was no answer.  She would ask people who he would hang out with but they said they haven’t had seen him, and out of nowhere she got this bad, horrible feeling. A feeling similar to what the boy had, she started to breakdown and her day became bad. She went home after school waiting for the boy to reply back, she waited and waited until her phone rang. She was so excited and rushed from the kitchen to her room, jumped on her bed and saw a message from her friend saying “Have you heard what happened to him, I heard he lost it and did something stupid. I’m sorry, he said that he loved you.” She didn’t want to believe what her friend said and just ignored it, but her feeling got bigger and bigger until she got up and ran to his house, crying all the way over there… when she got there, she knocked on the door, no one answered. But the door was unlocked so she pushed it open and called for him but there was no sign of him she walked inside, and checked his room and wasn’t there either she wondered where he could be. So she thought he left out somewhere and decided to go home until…she saw a light on in the bathroom she tried opening the door, but it was locked she yelled telling him to open but he didn’t reply. She was crying and said to him sadly “Please open the door I know you can hear me please open…” She somehow kicked open the door and saw him lying down on the floor blood everywhere, she saw his hand and ran to hold him and she called 911 and told him that everything was going to be okay and to not leave her alone. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital, the girl never left his side she was next to him holding his hand all the way to the hospital. As they arrive to the hospital they rushed him to the emergency, they had her wait in the waiting room. Hours go by she was worried but the doctor came and said to her “He is okay, if it weren’t for you he would have never made it. You’re a hero be proud of yourself.” She was very happy and proud, she walks to go see him lying on the bed resting but he looks very pail. So now every day after school she would stop by the hospital to visit him, she was the only one that ever went. No one cared about him no one did and never will. He felt so lonely that he didn’t want to be here, he wanted to leave this world. He was very happy because she would go see him after school, and he thought she would never go to see him. The boy was feeling better as days go by, and started to fall deeply in love with the girl in glasses. But until one day the girl never came, he was wondering where she was but he texted her and called her but there was no answer. He started thinking about her and started worrying, but after a week she never went back to see him.

Weeks go by no sign of the girl, the boy worries about her and starts wondering where she could be. So after a month and a half the boy is released from the hospital, he goes home and waits for the girl but she never came. The boy thinks to himself “What if she had done what I did? What if I’m not there to save her like how she saved mine…” he goes to her house but no one was there she wasn’t home, so the boy starts to feel sad, but little did he know she had left to college. He never stopped loving her nor did she ever stop getting feelings for him, so he continued on with school and graduated. He went to college and was always thinking about her every single day, it had been almost a year that they had never seen each other. One day he went to one of his classes and saw a girl in glasses, he started to like her but he said “No! I’m with her and I love her. There is no other girl like her.” The girl met some guy and started to like him but she said the same thing like the boy. They both were focused in college and were thinking if they will ever meet again. After two months in college it had got to the point they both felt like they wouldn’t meet again. So they got in a relationship with the people they liked and were happy, but it didn’t feel the same something was wrong. So one day they went to a party and went with their boyfriend and girlfriend, they had a great time until…they both went to get something to drink and bumped into each other, and out of nowhere their eyes had clicked. They both were shocked and stared at each other, they hugged and never let go of each other. They were both happy and said “Lets run away together.” And so they did, they left and their dates were waiting but they didn’t care. So as years go by they would spend time together, so when they finished college they bought a house and lived happy until the boy kneed down and said “I know we have been through a lot of things our ups and downs. I just want you to know that I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life. So there is just one question I got to ask you…Will You Marry Me?” the girl cried and said “Yes I will I have been waiting for this all my life.  I love you my king with all my heart forever and always.” The boy had got up to kiss his wife and they both were happy and went to eat out for dinner. After a year with each other the wife had to tell her husband something. She said “I have something to tell you… I’m a month old pregnant.” The husband was speechless and was excited. They both were very excited that they are going to become parents pretty soon. Months go by and it was time him and his wife where at home and she was cooking, when out of nowhere she got a pain and her water broke. She was rushed to the hospital. When she gave birth to the baby, she was bleeding and he saw and remembered about his passed and blacked out. They put him on a bed and he woke up looking for his wife and baby, he was okay and he got up to see his wife lying down on the bed. He sat there next to her remembering that she used to do that when he was in the hospital, so when she was released from the hospital they went home and had dinner.

Years passed by and they were at the dinner table with their three beautiful kids and had a conversation. The father had to tell them that he had started to work with the FBI and was a Special Agent. He had explained to them what his job is and what he had to do for his job. They then finished eating, cleaned up the table, and went off to bed. The next morning the father had got up, and kissed his wife and left off to work. He was on his way to work when he got a call saying he had a crime scene to go to, so he went to the scene and had seen a family on the floor he had rushed out to see because he had thought it was his wife and kids because they were going to the store right after he had left. After he saw it wasn’t his family he called his wife and talked to her because he was worried that something had happened to them. So after he was finished with the crime scene he was walking back to his car until some guy in a mask held a gun to his head and had him at gunpoint. He was so scared and nervous that he didn’t know what to do, all that the guy said was to watch his back and took off. The father had got in his car crying because he was worried that what if his family had lost him, they would struggle and be so depressed. He had driven home, pulling himself together and wiped his tears off. As soon as he had drove in he had seen his son and daughters, he got off and hugged them all tightly and his wife came out and hugged him. They all went inside and watched a movie. Once it was over everyone had went to sleep, both the parents were talking and she had asked him how work was that day and he just stayed quiet for a while. She looked at him and said “What’s wrong honey, are you okay? What happened today?” He just looked at her and didn’t say a word. She was okay with it, but was worried about him. They went to sleep and he gave her a goodnight kiss.

Weeks go by and the father was on his way to work until his wife called him to see if he can get something from the store when he came back from work, but when she was on the phone talking to him she heard gun shots and worried and she was trying to call him to answer her. She said “Please answer me honey, I know you can hear me please answer.” All she heard was just the sound of the wind. She got up, got in the car and left to find him. She knew what store he was going, she was so worried she was ready to lose it, but she remembered she would keep her head up no matter what the situation was about. As she got to the store she seen his car and ran to it. She looked for him everywhere and was going insane, until she saw someone in the car. She smiled, hugged and kissed him, she said “I was so worried about you. You scared me.” When she started to let go of him she saw him bleeding and panicked. She called 911 until an ambulance came, she held him and told him “Please don’t leave me. Everything is going to be okay. I promise.” As the arrived at the hospital they took him and she waited for them to tell her that he was okay. The doctor walked towards her and said “He is fine right now, he just needs to rest. If it wasn’t for you he would have lost a lot of blood and bled to death, but you are a hero you saved his life. You should get some rest too, come back tomorrow and you can see him and he will be able to talk to you.” She just looked at him and remembered when she was a teen and went with him to the hospital and the doctor said the same thing. She left and went to go get some sleep, so she can see him tomorrow morning.

The next day she went to see him and talk to him about what happened yesterday. As she got there she walked in and asked for his room number, as she stared walking she started thinking about what happened. She walked in the room, sat down next to him and woke him up. He opened his eyes and smiled at her. She said “Good morning honey. How are you feeling?” He said “I’m okay just a little sore. How are the kids?” She said “They are fine, so what happened yesterday?” He looked at her and just said “It was nothing.” She said “No you tell me now please?” He began to explain to her “Well a couple of weeks ago some guy in a mask held a gun to my face and I didn’t know what to do, I was scared. I didn’t want to leave you guys, I worried about you and the kids. And yesterday I seen him driving by and that’s when I jumped in the car but he had shot me in the stomach, but I was lucky you got there I knew you were coming because you do love me.” She looked at him and said “I do love you that’s why I went for you just like how when we were teens I went to your house because I knew you loved me and that’s when I feel in love with you.” He looked at her and smiled while tears ran down his face. She got up and hugged and kissed him saying “I love you my king forever and always.” He said “I love you too my beautiful queen forever and always till the last breath I take.” She smiled and walked out of the room.

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