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Four friends go to a camp called Camp Legend. They meet new friends. They have fun in classes, with their friends, and camp activities. But not everything is fun at camp legend, there is a legend
that long ago when camp legend was open kids started to disappear after some weeks. And now there is something terrible that is going to happen at camp legend.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018




Jake and Jessy wake up in the morning so rashly because of the alarm. The reason they put the alarm was so because they could wake up early to go to camp legend. When Jake get's dressed, he goes down stairs and calls for Jessy to hurry up because they were going to be late. Their dad comes in the house after bringing the car around. What's taking you kids so long. It's Jess she is taking so long to get her luggage. C'mon Jessy, hurry up. Right down dad, I am here, let's go! As soon as they get in the car they start talking about camp legend and how fun it will to arrive. When they finally arrive they allsay thier goodbyes and Jake Jessy leave. Jake starts to go to goto his basketball teamates and chat. While on the other hand Jessy didn't know anyone. But then there was this girl who was looking at Jessy the whole time she arrived. They both smiled at each other. And the girl and her friend smiled and aproached to Jessy. Hi! My name is Kacy. And the boy introduced himself. Hey my name is Kye. And we are both siblings! And then suddendly Jake comes and introduces himself. Hi I am Jake. And Jessy and I are also both siblings too. Then the manager of the camp comes and says. Hi guys I am the manager of this very place, my name is Harry it's verynice to meet you all. And I hope you all have fun, and at that moment Jessy see a swaying shadow in the bonfire. She tells Jake that she saw something but he says that it's propably nothing, so she just ignores it. After the bonfire ends they all four go to their cabin and they all four have the same cabin. When they all go to bed Kacy sees something in the dark and she reaches out to see who it is but it's gone so she ignores it and goes back to sleep the next morning Kacy wakes up early to tell Jessy what she saw and they both go for a morning jog. Kacy tells her everything she saw and then Jessy was suddendly startled that Jessy told Kacy what she saw at the bonfire yesterday. So they both decide to tell their brothers soon. Kye wakes up and he sees somebody on his bed and he suddendly screams that it wakes Jake up too. Kye what are you screaming for I had a really good dream until it was blown away by your sceram. Sorry I just thought that there  was somebody here on my bed but it propably was an illusion of waking up. The two girls run into the cabin and tell the boys what they saw. Rememeber Jake that shadow that I told you about, Kacy saw it too. I told you jake, I told youI saw something on my bed. When I woke up this morning I saw somebody on my bed but when i cleary woke up it went away. Wait so all of you saw it except of me. Uuh what should we do guys, said Kacy. Only one thing we can do, it seems like these things come when we are alone. So how about we seperate. Who wants to go first and see if the spirits come or not. Okay I will go first, said Jess. Wow Jess you are brave. Jessy goes outside and sleeps in the outside cabin bathroom, and she falls asleep. It's morning and no spirits came. So Jessy wakes up and goes into the cabin and wakes everybody up. You guys wake up, no spirits came. Really. Yeah and me sleeping in the bathroom was for nothing. So they all go outside for a morning walk and suddendly there is wind and a spirit show up. Everybody is so surprised. Oh my god. You are a spirit. Why are you keep on stalking us. I am sorry but we need help. Help? What do you want and how did you turn into this. I will explain everything. It's all the manager's fault he has something contaminated with the air we are all vanishing then turning into ghost. Nobody can see us because we ourselves hide because we can't let anyone see us like this. We can only come out when the sun is not out, so please help us! Okay we are going to help you. So the culprit is the manager Harry, alright. Let's go to harry. No we can't just go to harry without a plan, will deny it. You know how every belonging has a memory. Maybe that can help, rememberence. After asking the spirits for their old belongings they get all the things and remember how holy water is very effective.So they threw holy water over the belongings, after getting it from Jake Jessy's grandma. All the spirits soon started to become normal human beings. And so the kids were saved, but as for manager Harry they try to throw holy water over him and it turned out he was using the souls of the children to stay young and alive but as soon as the kids returned to their bodies manager harry had turned to dust. So the children were saved and manager Harry was dust and everybody was safe and alive.



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