Love Relationships

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You want a relationship that lasts forever. You want a relationship that makes you the happiest. You want to receive endless love back. Want to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend ever or husband
or wife.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Love Relationships

By: Michael Pikalek




















You want a relationship that lasts forever. You want a relationship that makes you the happiest. You want to receive endless love back. Want to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend ever or husband or wife.


I have many answers for you, just read the thing, okay? Also, I’m not answering all of them in the perfect order. I’ve wrote all of this in an easy and simplified way that’s shorter. Also, I can’t guarantee any results, it’s what you make of it. I also wrote this to make people more aware of things and to help them. Not everybody will enjoy reading this because they might feel insecure but oh well. Along the way I’ve learned from other people’s failures and I added to it with my own wisdom/knowledge.

Thank you for reading…






Okay, it doesn’t matter how much you give or change if your partner is the wrong one. Everything doesn’t matter if you have the wrong one period. How do you find the right one? The answer is time. Time will tell if they fit you and if you can trust them. My golden rule is that if they show signs they are the one then do not judge them until it’s been longer than 4 months in the relationship. Why 4 months? It’s because if they’re wearing a fake personality it will be taken off eventually and you’ll see there true form. But if they show red flags right off the bat that show they are not trustworthy or they just don’t seem to fit with you then there’s no need to stick around for 4 months, move on.








Okay, it doesn’t matter how nice somebody is, it doesn’t matter how hot they are, it doesn’t matter how much money they make, it doesn’t matter how they claim to love you. If they cheat or make you feel unsafe often then leave them. I don’t care about any of that stuff. You can’t build a future with somebody who is going to eventually tear it down. Don’t waste your time. There’s other people out there who would love to have you someday. Are you scared of not finding somebody? Is that why you don’t leave them? Well, work on becoming successful in life and make somebody notice you. Work on your health, wealth and happiness. If you need a partner to make you feel happy and loved then there’s something wrong with you. Work on you so you don’t rely on somebody else, okay. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want a partner but you shouldn’t go on death mode if you don’t have one. Do not become needy and if you are fix it.





You guys have to simply mesh, it don’t mean be the perfect match. Do you guys make each other happy most of the time? I’m not saying that fights don’t happen because that occasionally happens with every relationship. To many fights mean either there’s something wrong with you, you got the wrong partner or worse, both. But you should know if you have the right partner. And let’s say that’s true. It’s all your fault. At the end of the day the relationship succeeds or fails because of you. Of course there are exceptions but it’s mostly just you.












Serious, make yourself better. You’re the one that causes fights over stupid crap that doesn’t matter, grow up. Stop using the past to piss each other off. Stop pushing them to do something when they don’t feel like it. Stop expecting them to change, they will if they want. Stop accusing them of cheating if you’ve been with them for awhile and you have no proof of it, it’s just made up in your head because you’re weak. Stop taking out your anger and frustrations on them because they’re the ones that deserve big happiness, not sadness so often. Look at yourself and reflect on yourself. There’s something about you that’s causing 75-90% of the problems.










Okay, here’s another golden rule. You get what you give. If you are giving minimal love to your partner then they’ll give you minimal love back. If you don’t give them your attention and love they won’t give you any back, and if they are giving love it’s only going to grow smaller and smaller till it dies out. If you want them to give you the biggest love possible, then give them the biggest love possible. Do not expect them to give the love you prefer. Everybody gives love differently. Maybe they give lots of love through their actions or through there physical touch (affection), maybe it’s things they give you. Even if you give more love than them it’s okay. Give them as much love as you can both physically and by doing things for them. But don’t go broke buying endless gifts for them, you’re their partner not an ATM.







If you are openly sexually to your partner very early it’s only going to scare them away, unless there into that type of thing, but I’m sure most aren't. My golden rule is don’t talk sexual for at least 6 months since you both entered the relationship. Nobody wants to be with you if you make them feel like a tool, serious. Now you might say how will I ever get a partner if I don’t talk sexual. Seriously, your partner should be heavily attracted to you without saying a sexual word. If they aren’t then they’re not the one for you. Also, no dick pics. If they wanted to see a dick they’ll search it online.















Long distance relationships do work. Anybody else that says they don’t work is only fooled into because they had a past one that failed or know somebody that failed. But here’s the thing, it takes 2 mentally and emotionally strong people to make make one work. If you are not strong enough it’s not for you. You must have a plan to end the distance and bring each other physically together, live near each other basically. Without one the relationship is guaranteed to fail. Here’s something nobody really tells you. You can be happier with somebody who lives all the way across the world than with somebody who lives next to you. If you can’t handle the lack of physical love or affection then long distance is not for you, period.









But true love doesn’t cost money? Yeah, that’s true but that’s not my point. Getting love is free but holding onto it is not free. Think about it, at some point your partner wants a family, house and marriage. If you’re long distance it only makes it harder with plane travel costs, hotel costs, food costs and maybe visas. Anyways, if you don’t have enough money to support those things then you’ll kill everything you built from day one eventually. Now, I’m not saying you pay for everything but you should be able to cover half over everything. No partner forever wants a broke loser. If you can’t support them they’ll leave you for somebody who will. Don’t be the person who gets left behind and get a high income skill.









Make sure you want kids. I don’t care if you’re not a kid person, make yourself a kid person. Because at one point, especially if you have a lady partner will want a family. Similar to money, if you don’t let them have it they’ll leave for somebody who will let them have it. You can’t fight this because it’s programmed by society and maybe it’s simply human nature. If you don’t reprogram yourself and they don’t leave you they’ll get pregnant on purpose and it’ll cause big trouble for everybody. Save yourself the trouble and want a family, wants kids. Accept that life will not always be about you, it will one day be about your kids as well.










Okay, a hidden and important key to success in a relationship is to have the best possible relationship with with their parents and family if given the chance. Now, you don’t have to be best friends or even be the best person in their eyes. At the very least you don’t want to give your partner any legit reasons for them coming back to attack you for something their family said about you, in fact you don’t want them saying anything about you that’s bad. It doesn’t matter if their family says anything bad about you if done nothing bad, just simply ignore them or fix it if you can without making a big deal of it. It doesn’t matter how close you are to your partner if their family hates you, it’s your fault, it’ll heavily influence them to leave you. Of course this thing mostly goes towards a girl’s family.








If all you care about and do is sex then you’re asking to kill your relationship. Think about it most people don’t want to feel used, if they feel it then they’ll probably want to leave. A big thing you want achieve is for them to fall in love with you more and more. You want to achieve that by giving them the right kind of love that won’t push them away. Now let’s give the examples. The best ones are kisses, hugs, cuddles, making out, holding their hand in public, forehead kisses, back massages are a good one too. You want do these things as much as possible.












This is about selfishness. Some people know they are and others just don’t. Here’s the thing, selfishness is basically like cancer. The longer it’s there the more closer you are to death, of the relationship. If you are selfish then a love relationship is just simply not for you, it’s toxic to your partner. Fix this problem as soon as possible. The selfishness could be anywhere from not giving money to help out, give it. The selfishness could be never going where they want, listen to them. The selfishness could be lack of attention and love, share it. The selfishness could be anything, fix it.











Don’t say it until you really do love them. Make it a mission to say “I love you” everyday. Saying it many times everyday is a better thing. Those are the 3 magic words that your partner will love to to hear and it’ll make them feel good. Another golden rule I have is that don’t say “I love you” for at-least 3 months since entering the relationship. Rushing is bad.















Okay, so the relationship didn’t work out. Don’t look at it as a failure. What it really is an opportunity to find somebody far greater and better. If you get sad and crawl up into the hole you call your room then you’ll never find somebody else. It’s okay to feel depressed for awhile but don’t stay there for a long ass time. Go out there and try again when you’re ready. But don’t hop into a relationship as soon as possible when you’re not healed enough from the last one otherwise you’ll bring old wounds and problems into a new relationship that shouldn’t have them to start with.

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