I, the Tortured Artist,

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



I, the Tortured Artist,


understand that healing has never been linear.


That, if left in the sun long enough,

scars may fade, if only a little.

That there are moments I fix my heart

to hear it beating yet again for one who

broke it-

sometimes I’m the one.


I, the tortured artist,

understand that change has never meant growth.

That, some days I am the phoenix but some days

I am ash & nothing more.

That there are times when every thought in my mind and every atom

in my body crash into one another & suddenly

All that is left is you.


I, the tortured artist,

understand that movement has never meant going forward.

That when I finally call myself bulletproof

a match is stricken against my skin and my existence

is stipped down to words on paper.

Paper which crumbles under the slightest scorch of light.


I, the tortured artist,





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