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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What it feels like to be a person who feels in extremes--and how it can affect being in a relationship.

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018





Its funny how

I could be shining so bright

Burning through the night

Lighting up the sky

Exchanging kisses with the stars

Embraces with the moon

Intimate whispers with the atmosphere


You turn your head to the side



She is a flame

A steady

Stable flame


Strong and firm

And I

I am not


I am a flicker

A shooting star

A firework

A temporary light

My inner light lacks stability


My sky does not possess the capability of constant illumination

It is often either the darkest shade of the night

Or the brightest constellation in its galaxy

Because when I feel

I feel in extremes

I cannot carry on in the light when the darkness screams

And pulls at me to return

For I believe

That pain demands to be felt


When my heart breaks, the flames dissipate

The light spills out of the man-made cracks

Slowly by surely

Patching out all of the light


When the tears won’t stop

The saltwater greeting

That leaks from my eyes

Extinguishes my dimly lit fire



When my soul soars

It exudes a multitude of colours

A melody of rainbows

Ultraviolet you might say


When I am joyful

The sun shines brighter than I ever knew possible

Sparks form and swirl at my feet

Surrounding me in all of its glory

My emotions

A passionate relationship with the sun

A chaotic love

In which I often fall from the depths of the morning light

And crash into the clutches of the charcoal night sky

A beautiful self-taught dance of misery

I am not steady

I am not stable

And I know that is something that you do not want

You want her because she is not unpredictable

She is not so complicated

She knows who she is

She has a firm foundation


My darling

She will never be able to understand the passion that burns inside of you


The way your beautifully intricate mind is wired

To feel as deeply as I do


She does not possess the sparks to light a fire inside of you

A flame does not have that power

To ignite

For it is already ignited


But here we are

I watch you choose

The flame over the flicker

And yet here I am

Fully understanding why

You would choose her stability

Over my luminescent chaos.


© Copyright 2018 Anna Grace Healy. All rights reserved.