Echoes Of A Hunter Moon

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018




A mighty swordsman oh yes thou are

Beckoning the temptation of a twinkling star

Orion’s belt

The spitfire of his heat seeking mission dutifully felt

No soft silver amulets to ward off its call

Standing to remain from the spiraling silent fall


The moon so grand in its magnetic force

Hungering for my heart, my mind my sweetest vows of choice

Caressing the skin of such hidden fires

Illuminating the taste of the mind’s kindred desires

Temptation whispered from the sky above

Orion’s melody of relentless love


A Hunter Moon within the enrapture of

As an erected stance dances into the bed of earth’s silken glove

Minds and hearts in exile dances in moonlight

Gemini twins embraced, anticipated heavenly passion in sight

Remnants touched of its blending emotions

Hearts under the moon cast of its love potion


Captive souls colliding, within the universe we cajole

Entwined essence heightened as one soul

Bodies serenading, as love is marinating

Lips, hands, blindly patrolling

Moans, loudly echoing and consoling


Seasonal passion of January sailing the ocean of December

Sundown to sunset, a kiss of a Hunter Moon, the heart remembers

Even in life’s fragile state

Suspended time is the absence to recreate

Connection to the heart

Where does the core of shifting positive energy end, where does it even start


Time catches up, as sunrays peek through

Paradise in the sky left behind for me and you

Reaching beyond the galaxy to the moon while standing earthbound

Meditation attuned now whispered sounds


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