Dear John

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



Dear John, October 16th:

My best friend told me that I'd been taking life
Too seriously so 
With nothing else to do 
I piggy-backed her rendezvous 
Agreed submission to the
Backwardly concepted arrangements 
But then you began to stick 
Perhaps when noting 
How often 
I'd spit my ideas off the back walls of 
Your mind and
You never did mine
But never seemed to mind it at all 
They merely slid off 
'Cause I just wanted to hear myself 
Think aloud and I d think
About banks and being broke 
How political advocacy is
Such a joke and
The depleting quality in music
These days 
Unsure and insecure I kiss you to
Deflect what it is you wanna say because 
Psalms of perfection are uninvited 
Here you see 
For only flaws and
Indiscretion are making plight 
In here 
Dear John, May 25th: 

The television isn't on 
To keep me company tonight 
Playing back memories
Never experienced until I drift
Off to schmooze with eternity so
Instead I splash
Our last encounter 
On the wall facing me and let 
My snow-globed eyes swish the colors 
To make a messy masterpiece of it all 
I watched the wave of
Your flesh wash against my sure breasts 
As we made love 
Retrieving back just far enough 
To see that 
The fire blazing between us 
Made our mixed sweat glisten 
I rewound time and again 
The dance of your tongue
Across my lips and down my chin 
I saw 
The reluctance in your clutch 
Watched your eyes as 
You lied and asked me to 
To wait 
Rewind and pause 
Cues are marked and spotlight falls on
Words Flash, flash, flash-ing like marquee 
Not that I love you but you love me and 
I didn't know what to make of it because 
I owe you that I-O-U, but this is
The greatest tragedy yet to be told 
So instead I cower down and 
Let the music pierce the black,
Parade the quiet and detonate what's left
Of this cordial exchange 
Of two hearts 
Just looking for a name to call out to 
In the night 
Dear John, January 4th: 

I wanna tell you
That I need you 
I've gotta tell you 
That I need you 
I write your name 
Between blue lines 
Fifty times so that 
Like in grade two 
I learn to 
Recite you 
With quickness awaiting the day of your return when 
We'll spawn 
Little love notes and every time 
every time 
 reminded of our first date 
When I see one 
Sprawled out on the couch 
They say knowledge makes us all ugly and knowing 
You re gone makes a monster of me ripping 
This unclothed heart from my chest 
From a chain 
In exchange for liquid
Breath I long in my veins 
I fiend for your supplement but just 
A couple if it's not
Too much 
To ask 
Pillows surround my lying body 
Like a hug of consolation 
They understand 
I'm not meant to 
Sleep alone and until 
You come home 
I'll be left to 
Press my ear to your letters and imagine 
We're together like I 
Can really hear you 
Resting just Inches away 

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