I'm in Love With A Handsome Vampire

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018




I’m in love with a handsome vampire

Loving the fangs of his throbbing desire

He steals my emotions nightly, after suckling my emotions out of me so rightly, while he’s holding me so tightly

Sunlight comes, I’m only a primitive illusion of his imagination

Weakening me into a state of carnal damnation


Dreads of silk layering the velvet sheets of my bed

Caressing my skin as if we were immortal newlyweds

Moonlight bathing our bodies in its entwinement

He knows I won’t run I’m his only erotic assignment

Loving me, hypnotizing me, enrapturing me in the height of sheer pleasure

No love greater to measure


On land or sea, he always calls out to me

In this century

Feeling the trance of his mystery

A true Casanova infamous in history

Did I say

He’s the predator and I’m the prey

Intoxicating love but God I can’t walk away


SOS! Hurry! I need a stake!

Help me out, he’s running from my bed before daybreak

I need a vail of blessed Holy Water

This must be considered emotional manslaughter

A cross to brandish before his shoes hit that door

I can’t take this anemic imprisonment anymore


Sadly, my feelings go with him reincarnated in another land

Draining me senseless I cannot tell you how many times offhand

A vampire in his own manly empire

Under the hypnotic trance no other mortal I shall acquire

Another night a different bed, in another time

My body a feverish need for his many designs

His DNA is now part of my carnal enzymes

Deep scars from his possessive fangs

Surrendering and succumbing unto his nightly pangs


I’m half Fairy

Immune to the hurt

I keep that thought in my head until he takes off his shirt

Then I’m putty in his hands

Always will be from the farmlands, homelands

Wetlands as I continue to stand on fervent quicksand


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