Noise Marine

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The premise behind this was, I got pissed out of my skull and wrote about a Noise-Marine of the Emperors Children chapter. So obviouosly I don’t own owt by Games Workshop. Was fun to write though.

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



That swirling sound deep within,

That pulsing beat

Such perverse love I have for you.

The way you pull

The slap

The kill.

That cacophonous crash

Of wave after wave,

The spinning violence 

That is the noise.

Strip my soul

Rend my heart

Flay me whole.

Such delicious sound.

Make them weep

Make them bleed.

Keep it playing

Never to stop

Let the purple goddess sing,

For she sings through us.

Feel that throb,

The ever beating 


Pounding noise

Lose yourself within the maelstrom of tone.

Drop the frequency 

Make them hurt.

Make them add to the song,

Their pained last breaths.

Oh, the ecstasy.

Oh, Slaanesh,

Fuck me with sound.


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