my own jail

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



growing up i was only around

thugs,convicts and demons

they all  resided in my mind

they infected my brain 

i thought is was fun to play in the rain 

i grew to only feel ever so insane 

i acted like i was deranged 

i walked with a gangsters lean

it wasn't that i wanted to be evil nor mean 

it was that i was ashamed of all i did and seen 

while everyone was trying to win 1st place 

i was trying to just be free

free from those i confided in 

from all that i felt was true

but it was only me....

it was only me looking deep into my soul 

it was only me staring in a daze at the shattered mirror

the mirror i have punched days before

every piece showing a part of the monster i see before me 

the very being that made hell into heaven 

made all the things bad n wrong seem fun n joyful 

the beast that tears and rips apart every fiber of my humanity 

for i nolonger see the boy/man that my mother was proud of 

the person that would make those around him smile or laugh

for i am no longer the man i was mad to be

i am not the wolf in sheeps clothing 

i am not the snake chasing the mouse

i am not the dog looking for his bone 

for i am nor good or bad

for i am everything and nothing at all 



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