Strikepaw's prophecy

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The second book in the Cliffclan series, following several characters during a time of terror.

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018






Leader;Cliffstar: red-pelted tom

Deputy;Lakeeyes : blue eyed she-cat

Medicine cat;Mountainfur: strong grey tom


Leafwing: pale she-cat with a brown head

Lilyclaw: White she

Petalfall: gentle brown she-cat

Brambleheart: brown, long- furred tom


Lightningpaw: swift, small, tom

Strikepaw: solid black tom

Nursing queens and kits;

Fernfloat: white she with ginger patches

Stumpkit:  brown long haired tom-kit with white markings

Mosskit: Ginger she with a white ear


Slash: tough black tom


Cone: plump white tom



Mountainfur opened his eyes. A ginger she-cat with a white paw stood in front of him. “Listen to me,” she mewed with an urgent look on her face.

“Slash and Strike,

The two of night,

When the the time is right

Slash will strike

And Strike will slash.”

“What do you mean?” Mountainfur yowled. But it was too late. The cat  was fading away and the medicine cat was laying in his nest in the camp.


Chapter one


“Stumpkit!” Strikekit called. “Yeah?” Stumpkit said.  “Lightningpaw taught me some battle moves, do you want to see?” he offered. “Can I join in?” another voice chirped. “Sure, Mosskit!” Stumpkit mewed.


“And this next one’s called-” Strikekit began, only to be cut off by a loud yowl. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under the withered tree for a clan meeting!” Cliffstar's voice rang through the camp. As the warriors gathered  the leader continued. “Today something very important is happening in one young cats life. Strikekit is six moons old, and is ready to become an apprentice. Strikekit, from this moment forward, until you receive your warrior name you shall be known as Strikepaw. Your mentor will be Brambleheart.”


“So when are we going to start training? Strikepaw asked his mentor. “We’ll start training tomorrow. Today we're going to look at the territory.” Brambleheart replied. Without waiting for an answer, he started down the slope that led to the bottom of the camp. Strikepaw had to run to catch up. Once the red stone had stopped and the forest had begun, the the brown warrior turned to face his apprentice. “Our territory goes around our camp. It ends at the twolegplace on one end and the thunderpath on the other. On one border there is a stream that grows into a river, that runs into a lake that the twolegs swim in during greenleaf. However, on one border, the only thing we have is the scent markers.”  They had started walking while Brambleheart was describing the borders. Now Strikepaw could feel a rumbling that made his fur stand on end. Brambleheart had obviously noticed this, as he was hardly containing an amused purr. “That's just the thunderpath. As long as you stay careful, it's relatively harmless.” he assured his apprentice. “But why is the thunderpath vibrating? Is it going to explode?”


Chapter two


Strikepaw stalked through the undergrowth, making sure he put his paws down lightly so that the mouse wouldn't run away. Three moons had passed since he'd become an apprentice and his old nestmates, Mosskit and Stumpkit had become apprentices as well. The clan also had a new warrior- Lightningstep. Out of nowhere a cat fell out of the trees. It was a sleek black tom. Strikepaw could see muscles rippling beneath his dark pelt, and as he smiled the apprentice could see long teeth as sharp as thorns. He could only guess the claws were the same. “I was looking for you.” the stranger purred. “W-who are you?” Strikepaw asked. “Why, don't you remember me? I'm only your father.” he replied. “My father? My father left  me in the Cliffclan camp at another cats paws, and the only reason I'm still alive now is because that cat took me in!” he snapped back. “Strike, I regret that. But your mother had just died and I couldn't feed you. Will you forgive me?” The cats eyes didn't show that he was sorry. “I can show you how to be strong, Strike. You won't go hungry when others are eating. We could be the greatest. But you must leave the clan.” the black tom continued. “I don't believe you. Besides, you'll probably eat all the best prey while I starve. And I want to be a warrior. Also, I'm not Strike, I'm Strikepaw. Now leave me alone. I need to catch a mouse, and you scared that one off.” Strikepaw hissed.

As the apprentice ran off into the distance, Slash smiled and said to himself, “You'll realise soon, my son. Soon.


As Strikepaw padded home with two mice and a blackbird in his mouth he thought about the encounter with his father.

Without noticing, Strikepaw had walked halfway up the slope to the top and was standing outside the apprentice den. He shrugged and continued to the top.


Chapter three


“Nearly there, Mosspaw! No, no, no, Stumppaw, other side. Strikepaw, jump a little higher.” Brambleheart instructed the three apprentices. Mosspaw pricked up her ears. She could hear a loud crashing noise, almost like a cat running through the forest. But no cat would do that. Suddenly a loud thump came from the other side of the clearing, shortly followed by the noises of battle: yowling, hissing, scuffling. She whipped around to see Brambleheart and a black tom fighting. The tom stunk of rogue, and didn't look like any cay she’d seen before. Lightningstep quickly joined in and together the two warriors  chased the cat away. “Well on that surprising note,” Brambleheart said after regaining his breath, “training for today is over.” Stumppaw eyed the bite on the brown warriors shoulder. “ You should get Mountainfur to look at that wound, Brambleheart.” her brother suggested. “So Strikepaw.” Mosspaw said. “Hmm?” Strikepaw mumbled absent-mindedly. ‘What do you think that rogues deal was?” she asked. This got his attention. “I don't know. I've met him in the woods when I was hunting, about a moon ago. He told me he was my father and offered to teach me how to kill and how to not starve.” he answered. “What did you say?” she asked “I said no.” he replied.


Chapter four


“All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the withered tree for a clan meeting!” The leaders yowl caught the attention  entire clan, who were sharing tongues. Once all the cats had gathered Cliffstar continued. “Some of you may know about the troublesome rogue, Slash.” Stumppaw nodded. One of his ears was missing a bit. “Well I have decided that warriors and apprentices should be wounded no longer. Tommorow I will send out a patrol of cats to find him and bring him back to camp. He will be put into the old cave and the entrance will be blocked off with brambles. All cats not going on the patrol will help with blocking it off. However, leave a hole for food and water. There will be a guard at all times. And before you ask, Mosspaw, the guard is warriors only.” He looked over at his sister. Stumppaw knew how she felt, he wouldn't have minded guarding either.


Stumppaw growled quietly. His pelt was full of brambles. How come he couldn't go on the patrol?

. It was just because he was an apprentice. A pier ing yowl rang through the forest. All of the cats working on the cave stopped and turned to the direction the sound came from. “I’ll bet you that was the patrol who found Slash.” a familiar voice whispered in his ear. He nodded and turned to his sister. “Come on, everyone. We stil have some holes to patch up. We wouldn’t want Slash escaping, would we?” Fernfloat yowled.


Chapter five

The patrol padded silently through the forest, all eyes and ears out for Slash.  Suddenly, a bundle of black fur shot out of a nearby tree towards Cliffstar. Lightningstep immediately leapt over to protect him. But the two toms were already on the ground wrestling and growling, with Lakeeyes trying to pull Slash away and pin him down. The young warrior unsheathed his claws and tried to scratch at him. But it was no use, for Slash had lightning sharp reflexes and knocked Lightningstep back using one paw with astonishing force. They may have outnumbered him, but he had plenty of fight. At last, after what seemed like a moon, Lakeeyes and Brambleheart managed to pin down a still hissing Slash. As they began to drag him back he let out a wail l that could be heard back at camp.


Petalfall stared at the thin claw-shaped moon and the stars dotted around it. 10 moons ago they would have meant nothing. But now she knew that every star was a cat in Starclan. She hadn’t just been told it existed- The night before Cliff had told her about the clan she had dreamt about a starry cat telling her a new oppurtunity would arise and it would be wise to take it. She had told Brambleheart about this and he said that was what happened to him as well. After a little investigation she found out all the other clan cats had the dream too. Before that she had never believed in fate. Now she did. Suddenly, she felt something sharp piercing her skin and fur, making her snap out of her daydream. She yowled in pain and something pulled her down. She tried to get up, but it held her down. She looked up and saw green eyes glinting, and claws at her throat. Petalfall heard something fall. The scent told her that it was Slash pinning her down, and Lakeeyes coming. Lightningstep was also coming. Lakeeyes pushed Slash off Petalfall, and Lightningstep herded him back inside the cave. “Are you alright?” the deputy asked. “I should be fine. I only got a little bite on the shoulder.” she replied


Chapter six

Strikepaw couldn't sleep. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't drift off. When Stumppaw started snoring, he decided to go outside for some fresh air. He climbed the sloping path around the mountain to the flat top. Once he was there, he sat in the middle of the camp and looked up at the sky. It was cloudy, but when the dark clouds parted he could see the moon was full. But something wasn't right. He could hear another cats paw steps on the gravel path. The cat’s scent was musty, like the cave. They could have only picked up that smell if they were in the cave for a while. The cat seemed to spot something out of the corner of their eye, and turned to look at it. They were looking at Strikepaw. When he looked at the strange cat, it was almost like seeing his reflection in a puddle. There was only one cat who looked as similar to him as that. This cat was up to no good, especially heading towards Cliffstar and Fernfloat’s den.


Strikepaw started running towards the leader’s den,determined to save Cliffstar from possibly losing a life and a mate. He reached the entrance before Slash, and yowled “Cliffstar!”


The leader woke immediately, to see his old friend and his old friends son in the entrance of his den. As Slash approached the den, Strikepaw unsheathed his claws and went for his father’s neck. Slash fell to the ground, blood pouring out of him like a crimson river. He got weaker and weaker until his breathing stopped. The clan had survived its first challenge, but there were more to come.


It was a bright Newleaf morning. The birds sung in the trees around the camp, and dew sparkled on the grass. Mosspaw woke to her father calling a clan meeting. She rose shakily from her nest and prodded her brother. They made their way up to the top of the camp and sat at the back of the crowd with their mentors. The first thing she noticed was that Strikepaw looked more tired than normal. “Last night, Slash escaped from his cave,” Cliffstar began. The clan all turned to look at Lightningstep who was on guard that night. He looked at his paws. “But,  the reason we are still alive is because of the bravery of Strikepaw, who killed him.” Now the clan looked at Strikepaw, who just nodded. “ In this clan, bravery will not go without reward, and I think the best reward we can give an apprentice is the reward of becoming a warrior.

I, Cliffstar , leader of Cliffclan, call upon the warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn.Strikepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” Bursting with excitement, Strikepaw squeaked out a quiet “I do.” Cliffstar smiled. “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Strikepaw , from this moment on you will be known as Strikeblaze. StarClan honors your courage and loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Cliffclan.” Mosspaw’s father rested his muzzle on Strikeblaze’s head, and the new warrior licked his shoulder. The clan cheered, “Strikeblaze! Strikeblaze!” with Mosspaw cheering the loudest.


End of book two


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