His Love Endures Forever

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



His Love endures forever by:MVP-Most Valuable Poet


His Love endures forever

even when your earthly father walked out of your life for 14 years

and all you wanted was 2 minutes of his time 

when all you want to do is call him daddy

he walks away from you due to "business" he needed to handle that prolongs

a camping trip that would've embody a bond between father, and son

although he walked out of your life AGAIN

you can always count on our Heavenly Father who always reminds us

that He'll never leave nor forsake you


His Love endures forever

despite our blatant alarming killings of one another

because we are killing ourselves

a man doesn't want to kill somebody

he simply doesn't want to die before his time

as a society , we are living in genocide war zone

where hell raises, people living in the gutter

yet, His Love endures forever


His Love will always endure forever

where cops are wearing riot shields, riot helmet, guns, mace, the bullet proof vest, tear gas

all to stop who? cats who dodging from getting hit by cars?

what they don't realize is that we're fighting off the same villians wreaking havoc in the streets as they are

but they see all of us as villians

The Lord's greatest commandent is love your neighbor as you love yourself

not love your white neighbors as you love yourself

nor love your black neighbors as you love yourself

nor love your latin neighbors as you love yourself

His message got lost because people have racist hearts, souls, and mentalities where

equality only matters where money buys patriotism in appealing to their fan base

once again , His Love endure forever


His Love endure forever

where the element of crimes that white people are afraid of

people of color are afraid of

the same element of crimes that young people are afraid of 

older people are afraid of

the same element that a person with no disability is afraid of

a person with a disability is afraid of

1 John 4: 18 confirms that perfect love overcomes fear

all of us need protection, but not from flesh, but God

He informs us to wear His Shield of Armor

The Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Belt of Truth, Footwear of Peace, Sheild of Faith, and the Sword of The Spirit.


His Love endures forever

i'm sure you all heard about the decision of the NFL

No Freedom League of fining players for kneeling during the anthem

that's the dumbest decison they have ever made, and how much you want to bet

that people of all origins will still watch NFL on sundays (i hope that i'm wrong on this).

the flag of the this country does not mean the same to all, go ask the KKK

despite all the hatred, His Love endure forever.


His Love endure forever

there is an ongoing problem of unarmed men and women of color being gunned down

at a disproportionate rate where cops are walking away unpunish

and the conversations keeps going back to the flag

it's never about the flag nor the military, but you have a goof for a president that's trying to create seperation

he said that he honors God, but worhips satan with his actions.


Psalms 133: 1 confirms that God takes great pleasure to see brothers unite and come together

brotherhood is not about just saying good morning God bless you

because i won't receive from YOU!!!!!!!!!

it's not about identification of our names, it's about recognizing the systemic oppressions of police brutality

the ostracization of folks crucifying us because we are believers of Christ

Jesus died in public, so why keep His name in the privacy of our homes.

He is not a tool box where He is only good for what needs to be fixed, and put away dusted in the counter.

The Lord fortifies me to complete His assignments, and utilize the God given multitude of talents

to build and advance His kingdom.

i don't care if people ridicule me when i say that i am chasing His greatness every single day.

even in church, yes i said it, even in church

we should never dehumanize each other when we have difference of opinions

but you may be amaze on how people behave in the eyes of The Lord

love is the defiance of the criminal system that fails us or reaction of someone's hatred towards you

despite of all the disorder that is still plaguing in this country

His Love endures forever

and if i'm lying when He say in Romans 8:31, if you have me in your life, who can go against you

and my answer to My Lord is nothing, and nobody.


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