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I love you most; will you be mine, forever...

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



In my head, thoughts of you don’t stop

Like I need them to, if ever I’m to sleep

On top of this bed, so unappealingly large and

Vacant of the warmth that once paralyzed

Every square inch of my limbs, perpetually active now…

You must know I miss being home, where the

Only thing wrong was the smell of your breath

Unleashed through those lips awakening me with a

Mischievous kiss, playful and tender as butterflies

On spring flowers

Shimmering beneath dewdrops clinging

To each luminescently hued petal, begging to be plucked away…


Would you believe

I almost

Let myself resort to tears

Like a child, still

Young and naïve enough to expect

Our wishes to be granted, after suffering

Unfortunately enough for pity to

Be taken on our circumstances?

Even though life has long since dashed

My assumptions of such

Improbable mercies being bestowed upon those of us

Not worthy of

Even the bones cast off fate’s table…


Funny how sentimental we become

Once our pride has been stripped away, and

Regretful reminiscence remains the only suffocating

Embrace felt around our hearts, contracting at

Variable intervals with

Each breath

Reverberating through our lungs…



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