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Where did we come from and why are we here. These are the questions that have never been asked. What is that feeling of painful emptiness? The need to fill myself with items of flavor?

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



I walked for what seemed the whole day. The sun was blaring down upon me. People were bustling and staring at the holographic screen. It was a shade of blue to me, like a gem that is now extinct, called turquoise?  There are only some people who have this ability to read the sign. It supposedly looks different to everyone. No one really knows though, one may see grey, purple or like me blue, however, I’ve never met anyone who thought it was blue. It’s strange, I feel out of place here in this world of quiet talk. There’s a sweetness in the air and a blockade keeping us away from something. No one knows where we are or why we’re here. We don’t sleep eat or drink, were odd. I have a feeling that something is wrong however no one else guesses the same. I want to know what’s out there. We have been here for 298 years just roaming around. At first, people where they were curious and how they’ve given up. I question the object on my body it’s stuck there, like everyone.  So I walk, I walk every day. Recently I went faster, I don’t understand how. I scared myself and others who I somehow passed. I’ve never done that before, no one has. They’ve stopped looking at me as if I’m not here. I got heavy like I needed to stop moving, this has also never happened to anyone here before, except now me. I found myself on the ground with a hoard of them surrounding me looking at me like these never seen me before. Now I understand this was supposed to happen. I saw my reflection in the screen, I saw me, and I saw the story of life enter myself and my soul. It fled into me and I could see myself glowing and full of color. The others had looked at me like I was a god, do they know what a god was? I had been chosen. I understood. We were people we were fake we are an experiment for them to see if we could last, we can.  I’m what is that feeling? Hu-Hunger I’ve never known this until a while ago. Can I see people eating? Food, I need food?


Years later,


The sun shines and heat of wonderful glow upon us now. I stepped out of my bed onto the balcony “I today, mark the day of Mahalo.” I looked at the crowded people below me and ready to tell the story of how existence was created. “Today I will tell you a story about, you. A long time ago we found ourselves roaming in a place with trees and lushes warmth. The large screen of reflective glass. They brought us here.” He lifted his arms out as if he was asking for a hug from God. “My name is Phineas Mariner. We were brought here to be a project something for them to watch. They were afraid of a virus, something that was going to end up killing them, but here we are 850 years after that day I was responsible for remembering our legacy.” Phineas lifted his voice to them as he spoke. “We were not born but created in a place sterile, our DNA was changed we do not have hunger, we do not need sleep. We now know that we have wants and a need for love. We have been gifted this very right by others that came before us. They are not and un-worldly being but a real version of us. I am the only being here who has been able to still feel hungry but no need to actually eat.  I remember the day I was gifted to be able to read the sign. Our lives ones revolved around the sign to see if maybe one day we should see something new. That day came many years ago in 298 we now know that was a tale of our past lives of who we once were and I have been able to gift you your own minds. That will happen today, you will soon understand and we can work together to be a people of place and person. Phineas yelled at the top of his lungs. I’d like you to give you a gift of knowledge and name today to mark the new year of precise knowledge. Come to the doors and I shall give everyone a name and memories.” They did exactly what Phineas asked of them, everything they waited and didn’t speak a word until they were given so. He left his balcony and went to the door passing his chambers and bed, an object that no one else will ever need. He opened the doors and saw the lines of people and how he thought about how tired he was, he was grateful he was able to bring these people’s lives to them for them to remember. It was bright full of smiles and lushes greenery and birds singing. “Hello, Jenny.” Phineas caressed her hand in his and looked her into the eyes and saw her story leaving him from his eye and saw them enter her in a flood of blue light. Magical. “Do you remember?” Phineas smiled and waited for her to respond. “y-y-yes.” Jenny saw herself and laid her other hand atop his. “Thank you.” She turned away and walked into her life as Phineas’ hands fell to his sides waiting for the next person to come up to him.  A large man approached him his eyes were golden. Phineas grabbed his hand “hello Marshal” Phineas saw once again the blue light leaving him to find it’s person the blue light beautiful and sparkled in the air. The people oohed and aaad. “Do you remember? It’s ok if you don’t yet.” Phineas sighed in a calm voice and grew tired as he waited for his reply. “I-I Yes” Marshal turned and left just like Jenny. Phineas continued until it was over by then there was a normal society of people interacting as much as Phineas allowed them to. Phineas walked into the greenery to the sign, people stared at him to say something. But he sat on the grown in the green perfect grass and looked at the sign. He read the words above him and spoke. “Be free, live and love.” People started to repeat what he said and looked at him as if he was there God. Phineas stood and placed his hand on the sign and let it absorb him. It covered him protecting him and kept him here. The people ran to pull him back but he kept getting sucked into it until he completely emerged in it. The people stared in astonishment and sat on the grass staring at the sign, little did they know Phineas was hiding from them trying to let them live their lives as he stared back at them hopeful. “Be free, live and love” he repeated it rung in their ears as if he was speaking into a microphone in their ears.


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