The Sword Or The Cross

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Convert or die.

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



Riders breaking through the gates,


Ready to setence the heretic to a dark fate,


In this town of shroded night,


The townsfolk surrendered without a fight,


As fires lit consumed their homes,


In a crowd they listened to the lord read his tome,


"Ye shall welcome the Lord,"


As men approached with drawn swords,


Faces covered with white masks,


Eager to fullfill their sanctified task,


To spill blood on the dirt and moss,


These men of the cross,


All were lined up before the holy book,


From fear or anger they all shook,


The riders made sure there was one kiss,


Or they would receive the endless bliss,


One kiss on the holy page,


This was a conversion they wage,


A few of the women were dragged from the line,


Accused of dark arts and drawing evil signs,


They were tied to the stake,


Made to feed the flames till there were only ash flakes,


The townsfolk watched the flames consume their cares,


That stench of burnt flesh and hair,


Only survival was on their minds,


So no longer to their traditions were they kind,


As they all kneeled,


The old ways were repealed,


Another piece for the Holy See,


In their eyes was finally free,


From heretical grip,


But it was them who brought stife with their little trip

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