Compare Me to the Sky

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Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018



Compare me to the Sky


I always thought it was ironic that gray skies are your favorite. Maybe opposites really do attract because you are anything but.

Gray skies are a blank canvas and you are a Starry Night.

Gray skies are calming and you are a fiery sunset.

Colors so bright that I am nothing more than a silhouette in the foreground.

Gray skies are motionless and your veins are surges of lightning. I can still feel the waves of electricity flowing through my blood.  

Gray skies hold no depth and you are built with the deepest violets and the most beautiful kinds of chaos.  

Gray skies have never touched light and your hands are dipped in rays from the center of the universe.

Gray skies, they come before the storm,

But you,

Are earth shattering quakes,

An alluring disaster,

A hurricane with rainfall so heavy that I could drown in you.


If you are the sky, I am made of stardust and there will forever be pieces of you within me.




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