Girl from Kindergarten

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Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



Girl from Kindergarten 

“I want to be her friend, mom! The girl from kindergarten!” 

Sun bleached, beach salted curls hung from her perfectly parted roots, 
spectacles hovered over one magnified blue eye and a white eye patch. 
And her uniform was identical to mine, ugly. 
She was the first friendly face  
in a classroom full of children who spent the previous year together, 
but not me. 
We spent a year building a lifelong friendship  
with wooden blocks during free time 
and we spent recess investigating whether or not the other teacher was a Native American 
because she wore moccasins, a turquoise beaded belt, 
and feather earrings. 
In kindergarten,  
time races through building block city streets  
faster than any hot wheel could. 
Because in kindergarten, 
we didn’t count minutes like we count years, 
years later. We would know. 

Love is planting seeds in each other’s garden  
and watching them prosper. 
We Love Loud! 
Through each season’s change, through every storm. 
Our love screams louder than any thunderstorm we cast over our own self. 
Our flowers are no stranger to growing pains, however. 
In head heavy rains, 
we have learned to dance unapologetically. 
We have learned to live 
and we have handwritten our journey with collected words 
that congregate like church  
in the pages of our notebooks. 
Letters we learned in kindergarten. 
Now, counting our years, 
years later like we counted the minutes until nap time was over 
so we could play again in kindergarten.  



B. D. Monroe

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