Warrior Woman

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A poem about the feminine power that binds us, and the archetypes and mythologies that tell our stories.

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018




A good friend is a strong cuppa tea 

On a windy day 

She is the magic that binds our consciousness 


In my 30’s I am still sharp at the edges 

Sometimes when I read the news 

I fear I have lost my softness 

But Baba Yaga screams softness is for times of peace 

And we are at war 


I have sat in the house of Baba Yaga

I have eaten her stew 

And survived her challenges 

I have walked with the Bone Woman

I have weeped with Bronwen 

I have defeated Bluebeard 

I have visited the sex dungeon of Lilith 

I hold their power in my bones 

I am the daughter of warriors 

I am the wind and the earth and the sun 

But mostly the water 

I am the Mermaid and the Crone 

I am fire and I am the rip-current 


I am a lover with soft sheets who has not lost her softness

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