The Mermaid

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The Mermaid is an archetype. A woman we all know, who is slippery and ephemeral and esoteric and eccentric.

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



They say she wants to be taken care of 

And maybe she does

But she is a paradox

Because she also wants you 

To live next door. 

Or maybe across town 

Come take care of her 

But don’t stay too long 

Or better yet 

Let her come to you 

That way she can leave 

When she’s starting to feel 

The suffocation of your nearness 

Because she doesn’t want forever 

Or maybe she does

 But not in the way you think 

Many forevers 

It is not that she is afraid of love

It burns hot to be loved by her magic 

She is an ocean of fierce feminine intoxication 

But a creature of the sea 

A woman as moody as the moon

Rolling and ebbing with the tide 

She cannot be contained in a stagnant existence of a single lover 

Any more than the ocean could be contained in nets 

If you find yourself becoming intoxicated 

By her sharp sarcasm 

Or gregarious nature 

And the way she casually flirts with your sister 

And you realize she is natural 

In her attraction 

And you realize she glides between the others 

As slick as she is with you 

Her love is ephemeral 

But not always 

She is a façade 

A mirage 

A false vision 

On the parched, still, lonely sea

I would recommend loving her 

For more than her body

On a sandy beach 

And her shoulders glistening as she hauls the board 

Out to the surf 

I would recommend 

Getting over the uncomfortable fact

That she will probably bed your sister 

And maybe that moon magic 

That draws her into the water

Is too bright 

when it reflects off the black and mysterious sea 

You would not be alone 

She is a paradox 

But if you want to live down the street

So does she

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