The Hive

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Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



The Hive

By: Nicole Rivers

Rise my little worker bees

Come and do your job

There is no time to lay in bed

For we must open shop


It matters not how you feel

Or how much you stress

You must still come do your work

There is no time to rest


It matters not if you have kids

Who really miss their mom

For the Hive needs you more

So come and run along


The Hive cares not if you are sick

Or if there’s too much in your head

As long as you have breath you work

You can rest when you are dead


We all must do our part

For the hive to run

We go to school, then work then death

It matters not if we have fun


Worry not on how to think

The Hive will tell you what to do

We tell you how to act and dress

No need to get a clue


If you start asking questions

A decision you’ll surely regret

We’ll ostracise you

Shut you up

You we’ll all forget


The hive does not tolerate those

Who deviate from the rest

You must be like all of us

Or you’ll quickly be disposed


You can kiss goodbye

All your childhood dreams

You must obey our voice of reason

Your goals are too extreme


In the Hive dare not breach

Or break our code of rules

You must obey the things we teach

If not you are a fool


Kiss away your free time

There is no time for play

In the Hive you must work

That’s how you’ll spend your day


From the moment you are born

We train you to behave

You must live your life in chains

You’ll be free when in your grave


We create you little bees

Mold you to our form

You will listen to us

Our army you’re our swarm


Free thinkers will be banned

They are not allowed

You’re just cogs in our machine

Upon rebels we do frown


The rebels and free spirits

For you the gift of Raid

If you try to wake our bees

We’ll rain on your parade


For this is life within the Hive

You belong to us

You will do as you are told

We demand your blind unbreaking trust


If you all begin to leave

The Hive will surely fall

Freedom we cannot allow

Chains we give to all


We care not of your feelings or lives

We need that sweet green flow

Your family and friends matter not

For we must make our dough


So welcome to the Hive my friends

In your rulers you must trust

Have a good day at work my dear

Enjoy peace when you turn to dust


© Copyright 2019 Nicole Rivers. All rights reserved.

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