true friends

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this is an open poem is for my dear friend shadowrangerluna , and all my other true friends

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



As i stood alone

pain of  lost in my past

I surrounded myself with people, 

i couldn't stand being alone

nor did i want to be used

when you came into sight,

after not seeing each other for 

years of maybe months

you walked in with a golden aura

that of a true friend who



dare hurt another 

judge another

I recognised you as one whom i could trust

with all my secrets

without the fear of being pushed away

despite my old friends  they hurt me

but you have fixed the holes they burned

i would not now what i would have done without  you

for my true friend there are few.

finding golden auras are hard

so please 

never leave my side 

for you are pulling me out of the hole

they dug me into

the salted wounds from my past

stung whenever you weren't there 

or anywere near,

to protect me 

but i  need to learn 

thank you 

for being there 

for not judging my querks

for accepting my truer self 

no many could handle me 

i can  change in an instance

if i see the aura had faded

but i know

i can see through any mask 

i can see down to the heart

love and care 

the capacity for someone like me 

who isn't free 

who isn't human 

who was hurt.

who lost all her trust 

who gave up on friends

the tears i spilled over those fake friends

have dried

but i cant help wondering 


why they used me 

i know you wont use me 

i have a question 

is it hard to be there for someone, love someone for who she is

when she doesn't love her human self? 

when her burns and cuts 

when her walls 

wont break

for fear

of being used

of losing a friend who took what they wanted 

and left

Is it hard?

if so im sorry

I cant help myself.

please don't give up on me

my bone are weak

please look past my fake smile

for behind it i cry

i am alone 

without a friend always there




never leave my broken self behind like everyone else

stay i'll prove myself to you

i'll prove i deserve somone as loving and caring 

as you





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