a beautiful moments of my life with L.K

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a beautiful moments of my life with L.K

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



a beautiful moment of my life



The first time I saw her on the street, she was walking in my direction, I stopped walking and I stayed to look at her, And as one of the films of fiction, I thought that everything around her disappeared from humans and buildings and the only thing remained in my imagination was this girl, I said to myself, Wow Is this girl really from humans? How is the shape of angels will  be look

 like, if my God considers this angel as humans, 


After a few days, coincidence is better than a thousand dates

After several days I do not know how lucky I am

lord put me in front of her for I take a lesson from her




When Ch.C pushed me toward her to join her class

She got up from her seat and headed for the door to greet me, She shook my hand, I saw a charm in her eyes and she was leaning on a door, and she kept asking me what your name? I Introduce myself

She remained to stare at my eyes and I saw a glitter in her eyes, For a moment I thought she would melt like the snow because of she a lot staring at my eyes.



One of the most beautiful moments of my life when I met La Pe Ke

I really tried to make it the happiest person in the universe but I could not do anything

Because she understood me wrong from the first time I tried to communicate with her

I do not know if it's my choice for the wrong timing or I'm rushing to get closer to it

Did we exaggerate it too much or we complicated it without any intention or we did not know how to handle it

No one wants to make mistakes, but life did not come with instructions

Maybe I will not have another chance to get close to her, but I'm sure I'll try to do my best in the next time when life gives us a chance to come together.......


still there a lot to write before I finish a short story, it will be the best story in my life but I can't continue writing because I really feel sick I wish to find a solution to this issue so that I can continue writing a story

Well I will complete a story when possible This is a story of reality and not a story of fantasy


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