Woman of Ash

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



For me,

love has always been cool, calm, and refreshing,

like gentle waves,

just barely brushing against the shore,

or the warm flame of a candle,

lightly dancing about in the fluttering breeze.


It has alway been comfortable and safe,

like cozying up to a warm fire in the midst of a snow storm,

peaceful enough to ignore everything,

even the chaos around you.


Or so I thought....Until the day I met him...


Love with him is different,

it's wild, passionate, chaotic, untamed,

and honestly, completely terrifying,

when I'm around him...it's hard to breathe.


He's the turbulent, crashing waves of a vicious storm,

and I am the the lone rowboat,

tossed about, lost and confused at sea,

yet full of contagious excitement.


He's a wildfire,

so bright that if I stare too long, I may go blind,

and his passion is all consuming,

almost too hot to touch.


And yet I would willingly stand in the flames,

willingly be burned to smouldering ashes,

to even for a moment, feel just a spark of him.


He's an angel,

fallen from grace, broken wings, and tormented soul,

yet still so beautiful...

so beautiful that just to see him makes me ache,

makes me want to reach out to him,

though alas, he's just out of reach.


The waves may swallow me whole,

drowning me in their madness,

The flames may blister my skin,

and blacken my bones with ash,

His angelic grace may brand my soul for eternity,

marking me forever as belonging to him,

as is his right...


For I am his,

in heart,

in body,

in mind,

and in soul,


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