The Changer of the world

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The time has come come for the Changer of the world to wake once more

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



She climbed the hill, the green meadow spreading before her and the wind at her side. Her husband had already went inside with the children but she had to stay and see him for herself, the changer of the world. He appeared once in a few hundred years, changing the land and the world. It was two hundred years since he last appeared, according to the records the elders had. Enough time to tend to the land and build villages. Yet not something grand, the people knew there was no point to that, the changer of the world will change all when he appears. The caves in the ground they were hiding in were dug not long after the last changing of the world, providing a safe place to ran to when the time comes again. No one knows why and when the changer might wake so they are always prepared, stocking food and necessities in the caves. A few rumours said he wake to feed and others that the earth itself wake him, both two sides of a single entity, ever changing, ever growing. Whatever the reason it was clear he was a creature far more complex than them, far more superior.

She reached the top of the hill, the green meadows spreading before her and the wind at her side. She looked up where only an hour ago there was a mountain, the changer stood there now, between the split mountain. He had the shape of an enormous white lizard with, its feet and neck thick with muscles, his jaw was long, almost the length of his neck and rows of black sharp teeth lined inside his mouth. Two black horns jutted from the back of its head, spiralling like a great goat's horns. Its skin was pure white and glimmering in the sun. Even as she looked it grew bigger, from what she heard it will grow bigger than any mountain. It will flat the land and rise mountains, it will dry the seas and make them anew. It will extinct some species and plants, making new ones and letting some of the old ones remain. When it will be done the world will be anew and it will return to its sleep. Then they will return to the surface and make their lives anew. It opened its eyes and let out a ear piercing roar, letting his awakening be known to the whole world. It made her fall to the ground and even when it stopped and she could stand once more she couldn't hear anything for a long time.

Her village was close to the mountain the changer emerged from therefore everyone had already evacuated from it to the caves. Others will only know the terror now, hearing the great roar of the changer echo through the world, stopping their life and running for cover, knowing that when they will return they will start a new life. She took one last look at the changer, one last look at the world she left behind and ran to the caves, where she will wait in patience till the changer of the world will be done and she and her family will return to a new world and a new life.

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