The man in the hat

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A wierd story about an itellectual man with a hat that is falling apart. Therefore he decides to purchase a new one.

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



Chapter 1: A broken heart like a broken hat.

The man in the hat, who sat, noticed that his hat, in which he had treasured for many a years, was growing old. This hat, bought with the man's savings around 15 years ago, was of finest quality and surely had been made with love. The top, a deep navy, was adorned with embellishments of gold and bronze (faded through the years) and the fabric touching his forehead was a sharp ebony, with a lacy trim, quite feminine in fashion.

Though the man still treasured this fine hat, he didn't deniy the importance of purchasing a new one- the once firm base was now ripped and saddened through the ages. With Forty-two years of age, and quite an ample amount of cash, the man in the hat finally decided to go and buy a new hat.

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