The Series of Generation

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This will tell you the Arcs, Sagas, and everything else.

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



Generation One

  1. Volume One- The Search For Evil *March*

  2. Arc One- Azkaban Vampire Clan

  3. Arc Two-The Second Great World War

  4. Volume Two- The Finals *April*

  5. Volume Three- Golden Sapphire *May*

  6. Arc Three- Miyazaki Bloodline

  7. Arc Four- Return of the Nephilim

  8. Volume Four- The Paintball War *June*

  9. Volume Five- The Kamikaze Army *July*

  10. Volume Six- Fenrir’s Rampage *August*

  11. Volume Seven- The Lyons` Massacre *September*

  12. Volume Eight- New Team Four *October*

  13. Volume Nine- Edolas` & Ezra *November*

    1. Second Semester

  14. Volume Ten- Hurricane Katrina *March*

  15. Volume Eleven- Megan’s Execution *April*

  16. Volume Twelve- Sycamore High School  Vs. DeKalb High School *May*

  17. Volume Thirteen- The DeKalb City Games *June*

  18. Volume Fourteen- Stonehenge *July*

  19. Volume 15- The Shadow Doppelgangers *August*

  20. Volume Sixteen- The Kazoku *September*

  21. Volume Seventeen- End Of The Year *October*

  22. Volume Eighteen- The World Tournament *November*

  23. Volume Nineteen- Rain’s Assault *December*

  24. Volume Twenty-  Summer Training *December*

  25. Volume Twenty One-  The Tree Of Life


    1. Generation Two

  1. Volume One- The New Team Four

  2. Volume Two- DeKalb City Vs. Dontaye

  3. Volume Three- The Search For Mandy

  4. Volume Four- Sycamore High School

  5. Volume Five- DeKalb City Vs. Dontaye {Round Two}

  6. Volume Six- The Final Volume


    1. Generation Three

  1. Volume One- The Illuminati

  2. Volume Two- Assignment: Capture Samantha

  3. Volume Three- Wesley And Kikuyu

  4. Volume Four- Tiberius’s Journey & Sabrina’s Journey

  5. Volume Five- Tiberius Vs. Nissan

  6. Volume Six- The Freemasons

  7. Volume Seven- Lyric And Erin

  8. Volume Eight- The Rainbow Dragon

  9. Volume Nine- The Shinigamis Vs. The Astrals

  10. Volume Ten- Journey To Limbo

  11. Volume Eleven- The Illuminati Vs. DeKalb City

  12. Volume Twelve- Battle of DeKalb City

  13. Volume Thirteen- Rise Of The Ninjas

  14. Volume Fourteen- Journey To Hell


    1. Generation X

  1. Volume One- The Alien Invasion

  2. Volume Two- The Lost Angels

  3. Volume Three- Lucifer


    1. Generation Four

  1. Volume One- The Dark Signers

  2. Volume Two- Dan Johnson Vs. Tiberius

  3. Volume Three- Hades’s Deadly Sins  

  4. Volume Four- The Legendary Swordsman Awakened

  5. Volume Five- Millennium Summit

  6. Volume Six- Empire Down

  7. Volume Seven- The Last World Tournament

  8. Volume Eight- The Battle Of Purgatory

  9. Volume Nine- The Third Great World War

  10. Volume Ten- The Armageddon War

  11. Volume Eleven- The Aftermath

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