Black-Rose Emperor

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Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



What do you hide behind that painted smile

And painted lids,

Behind which molten gold hide?

Do the scars tell much more?

You they call the Rose 

And of thorns,

I can see.

A multitude hang from your belt alone

How many more hide, I do wonder?

An ancient youth 

The first in existence and to be the last.

Creator of all

Though at the single word

Worlds burn

And you just watch.

What a god you are

They say pray to never meet.

The rumours true

The Black-Rose god

Married to death.

I saw you once

Or maybe twice 

In dress of battle

Faceless as the rest.

One foot after other

Through blood you spill.

After all it’s only

Kill! Kill! Kill.

Monster that you are

Sending Shadow Dancers far and wide

To murder all that run to hide.

Mine and yours.

Do you ever stop and think upon those under jackboots black?

Of course not.

The Black-Rose god has not the time

Another world needs to fall.


Do you even care?

Only for daughter dearest number one

The bitch 

The whore

Well if you don’t care,

Why should I?

She will be just another life gone,

All on you 

Emperor! God!



So count your days father

For numbered they are.

The infinite empire of the Black-Rose shall wilt.

Your nightmare stops now.

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