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Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



Metallic taste. Blood. In my mouth. Cloaked in darkness but my eyes are open. Drenched in an ungodly soup of foul swelling liquid. The stench of rotting flesh pollutes the air, assaulting my senses. Where in seven hells am I? I turn over and feel something in my pocket. My lighter. For once my chronic smoking habit comes in handy. I pull it out, click it and the small flame springs into being. It illuminates a tiny space around me, and subsequently the vomit spewing from my body. I find myself amid a sea of bodies in various stages of decay. Impossible to look anywhere without seeing death, impossible to step in any direction without hearing the sickening crack of bone or the squelch of dead flesh.

“Let me out!” I scream into the blackness, answered only by my own echo. As far as my stinging eyes can make out, there is no way of escape from this cesspool of liquefying human remains, a veritable death pit. I stumble around, trying to ignore the sounds of death ringing out, bouncing off the walls, deafening me. The smell has begun to burn my sinuses, I can feel mucus running down my face. Or are those tears? The filth surrounding me has caked my skin to the point where I cannot even make out where my clothes end and my skin begins, if I'm even wearing clothes at all.

Suddenly, a noise different to crunching and squelching pierces my ears. A screech of metal, blinding light and a splash, then darkness again. Someone has dropped another body into the pit. At least, I thought it was another body until I heard low growling coming from the source of the splash. Then silence and creeping dread, both crushing me equally under their combined weight. Two eyes, red as flaming coals and strangely intelligent, almost human, staring at me from the darkness. Then a return to the blackness, accompanied by soft splashing, inching ever closer to me.

A new stench assaults my senses, burning away the previous. Sweat, blood, fresh blood, and a hatred so strong it manifests itself into the physical world, turning my stomach more than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I hear ragged breathing, so close and so jarring that my heartbeat almost syncs to the rhythm of inhales and exhales. Those red eyes again, this time an arm’s length away. I feel the ripples around my ankles slowly become more forceful.

Hot breath cascades over my face and I turn away to avoid drenching whatever hellish creature stands before me in vomit. The smell of its breath is more horrific than the smells I’ve been exposed to while down here. The stench of rot, new and old, crashing down on me like so many waves on the sand. A growl jerks me out of my stupor and, without a thought, I jam my lighter into this creature’s eye and click it to life.

Whatever foulness coated this creature, a horrific amalgam of man and beast, appears to be flammable, highly so. Quickly the orange and blue blanket covers it completely and it yelps and runs, or rather limps pathetically away. Knowing it might lead me to safety, I follow at a safe distance so as to avoid the putrid odours of burning hair and skin and liquified remains singed as this creature drags its burning and decaying mass of flesh away.


© Copyright 2018 Dale Craig. All rights reserved.

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