Utopian Society

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a love story about a girl who is becoming the future ruler of a Utopian society and her love interest, who thinks she is more invested in her training and the new people she's meeting then
him. These are the letters they wrote to each other after he left, but didn't necessarily send. Please note that this is an acrostic narrative poem, so remember to read this first letter of every


US, Part One


For you…

Oh, for you I did everything

Right. I

Gave you all

I had, but your

Velvet heart

Eroded, leaving a vast emptiness.


But, you had me wrapped in the

Utopia you made. I

Truly believed you had good intentions.


Now, you're begging me for

Everything you threw away. Your

Velvet heart is gone, and I

Eagerly turn you away. What is even

Right now?


Forgive me...

Oh, for now I have done the opposite of

Right. I’m no better than you.

Getting a taste of the bitterness

Eating at your heart, I’ve never been so

Terrified at what I’ve become.

US, Part Two


What do you believe? I

Have no beliefs

Anymore. I’m

Terrified at what we’ve done.


Have you thought of me lately?

A year ago, you’d have thought about my

Velvet heart.

Even if I lead you on, you’d think that.



Evolved. And I don’t


Believe in


Could it be Real?

Or is it simply a wish?

My core is bitter.

Eating at me. Do you feel this way, too?

US, Part Three


We were never real.



Are you just a dream? Or are you


Either way, we were never real.


Going away, you

Only see me.

Now, I’m blind to your

Emotions. Even as you cry.

US, Part Four


We were complete together.

How we’ve changed

Ever since. Were we ever


Even you don’t know.


How lonely it is, to be in

A one-sided love. To this

Very day, I know I acted

Evil. But why can’t


You just forgive me?

Oh, how I wonder, what new

Utopia are you in now?


Gone now, you are

Only blind to me.

Never again will you love me.

Even if I love you completely.

US, Part Five



Moderately calm. But not for



Only your

Strength could

Tame my crazy.


Why did

I leave you? I

Thought I

Hated you, but,

Oh, I was so wrong.

Us is gone.

Terror has set in instead.


You knew the

Only truth was within

Us. Why did I leave?

US, Part Six


You tore at my soul.

Only you knew the cracks in my

Utopia, and you let them spread. You

Really hurt me,

Even though you don’t know it.


And why do I care so much? I

Never cared about anyone.



Decided you weren’t worth

It. You’re the

Only one who doesn’t know it. Your

The only one who left me, idiot.

US, Part Seven


My hand is shaking as I picture

You reading my



Every inch of my body is shaking with

Terror. Are you going to write back?

To bad I can’t see the future. Will you

Even bother to

Read this?


The envelope is

On now, and


You will

Open it in a few hours. Your

Utopia is gone, but we aren’t.

US, Part Eight


How are you?

Oh, and where are you?

Please forgive me? Now

Even I know I’ve been a jerk.

US, Part Nine



Miss you every day. Why


Couldn’t I see that you were sorry?

Occasionally, I even

Miss your Utopia.

I wonder if it can be our Utopia.

Now I realize we could make something more of it.

Going away, I couldn’t see that. All I could see was my


Hatred towards you, and

Only you.

Missing you is like missing me. I now miss

Everything. Even my old life.

US, Part Ten


Your doing WHAT?!

Occasionally I can

Understand what you do, but WHAT? You’ve

Really decided what your going to do?

Evidently, you have. When you were


Going away,


I knew why you did it. You

Never wanted to see me again, and now you’re



What are you doing? Do you still

Hate me?

Evidently not, otherwise you wouldn’t be coming home. Are you

Really coming home?

Even for me?

US, Part Eleven


The lights are off.

I’ve packed everything. Every

Little thing. I

Look back at what I’ve done, and


I hate myself. You will


See I’m better than before. How is

Everything at home? Is

Everything going well?


You missed me. I was the

Only one who couldn’t see your

Utopia breaking.


And I was the one who broke it.

Generally, I

Act better than that. But

I was so angry at you. That will

Never happen again.

US, Part Twelve




Can’t believe you’re really coming!

And you’ve already packed! You’ve

Never done something like

This before!



Are you sure about this?

I know you feel sure, but what if something

Terrible happens again? I’m


To worried about what might happen.

Our life is finally coming together. I knew you would


See that we worked well together.

Everything is happening so fast...

Even the days are faster…


You’re the best person ever! I

Only hope you believe me when I say that. My

Utopia will be better with you.

US, Part Thirteen


You bounce up and down.

Only you can get away with doing that in this

Utopia. Now I


See you. I see you are sorry for

Everything wrong we’ve made.

Even the time I tripped you.


Missing you was awful. And I knew,

Eventually, I wouldn’t miss you.


Now I know why I won’t miss you.

Our future is set, our lies are gone.

What we’ve done wrong has melted away into our stronger love.

US, Part Fourteen


You are finally back.


Utopia is now ours. For

Real though.

Everything is real.


And we’ve seen our

Terrible faults. And we’ve forgiven each other.


How are you feeling? I hope

Our future is perfect.

My Utopia is your Utopia,

Everything is perfect when you’re back.



Okay, okay, I know it's cheesy, and not written the best. But it was really fun to write, and I enjoyed it. I made it for my sister's birthday awhile back, and she really liked it. I hope you did to. Wait, sidenote; the parts alternate characters. One is the boy, two is the girl.

(Also, if you want to know what the acrostics were, here they are:













-The Jalapeno


Submitted: July 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 The-Jalapeño. All rights reserved.

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