Shards of the Heart

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Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



My heart is alive with joy and envy. 
Every word he speaks dances through my ears and awakens my heart with a beat like drums of war.
I so long to be in his embrace of comforting sorrow. 
His time, I’d like to borrow maybe just until tomorrow 
but his heart is bound before me to a wretch that’s not so worthy 
of the compassion he strangled under the surface, 
drowning until it’s will is gone because it has been destroyed before me, 
and now he locks it deep deep so deep under the floor that compassion is long gone. 
And here sits but a shell you think you can mold into your image. 
Of a boy more well deserving, always yearning for something more. 

I’d often wish to catch his eye, to make sparks fly, 
but sparks are forbidden when he’s another’s 
oh why?? 
Why was I so late in entry, 
this is a race I could’ve won, 
if I had just done the one thing that scares me most.


All I had to do was speak and maybe his attention would be easy to keep 
if I had just opened my mouth and allowed the words to form the mountains they were trying to move. 
Ha. What was I trying to prove? 
He’s gone, not for me to have. 

But then by some other command it happened 
That forbidden guy made sparks fly 
from his hands to my heart and told me we should never be apart 
because listening to his passion was easier than fighting his heart, 
and that was the start of the beauty that blossoms though my bones at night, 
bringing me to life each morning, 
and carrying me to rest at the days final light.

That was the start to the roar in my chest, 
the pounding of the war drums, 
the feeling that would never rest. 
It was love. 

How so it could be? 
That strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, wrapping my insides so tightly I could scream. One day expecting to awake from the sweetest of dreams, but dream it was not-
it was a reality that frightened me in the best of ways.

It was by fates design and a higher court that we were brought together. 
His summer rains of words brought life to my winter heart that never heard such beauty spoken by someone also broken, 
how is it we’re both a token of the others rarely joking versions of what we missed in lovers before. 
And down this long winding road and through this rabbits hole we’ve found ourselves in love.

One that won’t erode. 
A love that will never get old. 
I’ll look back at this wonderful broken boy 
and thank him for making me whole 
and filling every day with joy 
the sights and sounds of passion and love. 
For being the warmth I thought I’d never feel and for proving that happiness is in fact,


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