Held in Armored Arms

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



Countless days have passed searching for the woman of my dreams.

My eyes, mind, and heart been through many battles for the one that matters most.

The one that draws out the hidden passion, and heals the scars of constant wondering.

An eternal fire brought us together despite uncertain grounds.

We ignited and burst with energy and joy. 

Even when doubters gather by the armies. 

They laugh and mock the thought of us being together,

Thus dwell, and pray for our defeat. 

However, no one expected us to last with such love.

Not even a god of war and mayhem could break our bond. 

I've been told that I was much more than just a scholar, and wealthy gentleman.

But I wish to be a protector to what is pure that empowers me the best.

Although my armor is worn and nicked.

It isn't broken, and prepared for this moment.

My words and pen serve as my strongest weapon. 

Your spirit lifts me up and urges me to fight another day. 

Our love will hail triumphant.

For you’ll be held in armored arms.

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