Ripe Love

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After climbing so high at the peak of love, going down is inevitable, it shouldn’t be a surprise... be ready for the fall.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



It thrived wonderfully,

It bloomed so colorful

Everything so naturally,

A feeling so powerful.


This ripe Love well-grown 

So marvelous and unreal

we have finally known

Again, It has taught us to feel...


I’ll reap what we sow

From this spontaneous love ‘til the end

‘I’ll take it all away,’ it’s my vow

Thank you for everything, my friend.


If by dawn there’s nothing left,

Don’t worry if you see the field empty

It wasn’t a theft,

I took the famine and plenty.


Let it die already!

Let it die...

Don’t pour fresh water,

Don’t take it out to the sun,

It doesn’t matter,

It is not fun.


Let this ripe Love get rotten,

Let it be eaten at last,

Let it be forgotten,

It must be fast.


Forget me now,

After I have played my last song,

And you might wonder how,

I’m not going to be here long...


I’ll see you be happy from the distance,

You couldn’t promise to stay by my side

You used my existence,

You made me cried...


The less you miss me, the better,

The less you think of me, the less aching,

You won’t see me later,

Even if your heart, I’m breaking...


That's all I can say,

There’s no need to restrain

I will take all my memories away

And let’s be strangers once again...

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