Sonnet III: Furnace

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Poetry is an experience, even with with the rules of iambic pentameter and explicit rhyme schemes. William Shakespeare was very much aware of how these structures make it that much easier to fall
in love with a sonnet and that is my goal: imagery, immersion and emotion.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



We are furnaces underneath our clothes

Heat seeps through the cloth and onto the floor

We're tracing roses over collarbones

Imprinting dewy backs into the door

The taste of your words, sweet with lusty sighs

Speak them with fingertips, scratches and scrawls

Writing letters of love in sunset eyes

Like bulbs, throwing naked shadows on walls

Flowers come from the corners of your mouth

Trailing stems there, to the base of your throat

Warm vines of your veins traveling down south

Onto my wrists, where you dally and dote

Limbs and chests, cheekbones and each shoulder blade

A kiss is worth a petal in each shade

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