Tree Of Life

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The 'Tree Of Life' is a poem that i wrote a few months back and the poem is about the circle of life and our meaning of life as we look at it through the life cycle of a tree, which in return gives
us life.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Tree Of Life

The rain

Waters my seed

And my seed

Begins to grows into me

The water

Purifes my roots

And my roots

Will grow into thee

My trunk grows

Tall and strong

And holds up

The rest of my body

As my branches

Seem to branch out

I will now know

That this

Is my calling

From each branch of mine

Their seems to begin

Another life

And with every life

That comes to mind

It wiill feed off

The life of mine

The fruit of my loins

Will give life

Another day

I will give

And give

And give

Until I decay

They will feed

And feed

And feed

Till’ they cannot

No more

This is the purpose

Of me

And I will do it


Until i am torn down

And used for your shelter

But even then,

I will always

Protect you

From the worlds

Worst weather

And though,

I may not last forever

The tree of my life

Will always keep yours



© Copyright 2018 CJ Paul. All rights reserved.

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