The Hundredth Wish

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The things we will never achieve.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018




Once, I stayed late up at night, hoping for sleep to come. It was around 2:00AM. Unable to sleep, I became restless and decided to lurk around, on the internet. “Can wishes come true without hardship?” I searched on Google. I felt like those suicidal inbreds, who constantly ask for help online. Searching with keywords, “Is someone out there? Can someone save me from myself? Why isn't there happiness in my life? 10 signs of being a loser? How do you succeed at life? I want to kill myself but I don't have the money to hire an assassin, can someone do it on loan?” I almost gave out a chuckle thinking like that. But then, I really felt like not waking up in the morning. It was my genuine wish. Before I realized it, I had already clicked on a website which had a weird web design to it. I don't really remember the exact details but there was a question, like a survey, at the top of the page. “DO YOU HAVE A WISH?” “YES” “NO” “IS THIS A JOKE?” At first, I thought it was some kind of scam advertisement you often see on websites but that doubt was quickly dispelled when I noticed that it was actually a part of the website. Thinking it might be a prank, I clicked on the third option. A joker with a thought bubble that said, “Click on yes to find out, dumbass” popped up on my phone's screen. Out of sheer curiosity, I clicked on yes and a page with what seemed to be the guideline on how this stuff works was displayed. There were 10 rules that you needed to read before clicking on 'I agree’. You can't wish for bringing back dead people, for they are dead. You can't contradict your previous wishes. You will be provided with 100 wishes. You must keep what you read here confidential You can't control people's will. There's a time limit of 10 days, after that your remaining wish count will turn to 0 The law of equivalent exchange is at work. There's no expanding of wishes beyond this number. For every wish you make, there will be consequences. Have fun After glancing through, I simply clicked on “I agree” without giving it much thought. Nothing seemed to have happened. A huge green check mark appeared and disappeared. The site closed down unexpectedly. If only life were that easy. I should have ate something. This hunger won't let me sleep. “ I wish if I had something nice to eat” I said as if expecting something. Nothing seem to have happened. “hahaha, loser you actually thought it would work.if only it did. Let's sleep now. I fell asleep in the next few seconds.

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