the burning trees

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she a girl in school, she surrounds herself in trees.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Burning trees in this life of mine


The door slid open, she had arrived doing the most difficult part in most people's eyes. Now it was just to stay awake or the real way of looking at it, alive. It wasn't just the trip or the part of getting there at all that mattered, it was the survival of not breaking down in those environments that was the hard part.


She lived in a forest of paths which each have their own answers, questions, emotions and pasts. She could not question them for how broad all of the branches were. That wouldn’t be fair at all, to just be completely mad at them when they all have their reasons. Some had just grown that way in her mind and was bound to make certain choices a hand of faith as they say also called destiny. Did she have that kind of destiny?

Others maybe meant it but then again isn’t she just suppose to learn from that then?

Have they not just teached her a valuable fact? the branches.


Growing and filling the room mixing and twisting together with the other trees. What branch belong to what tree?

She had lost track a long time ago, even before she knew the trees had started growing.


Dark and damp was the room. The little air being stolen by the trees surrounding her. How would anyone be able to survive in this, this choking room that for the time being we are all locked in. Tick tock went the clock as the only clear agonizing picture in the room. It was almost speaking to her ‘3 hours and 38 min’ the same voice as the second it had spoken before ‘3 hours and 37 min’ Over and over again one second in between it reminded her. But she couldn’t stop checking she had to know all the time. She wouldn’t allow herself to forget to check. The clock wouldn’t stop reminding her.


The trees twisted and buckled, wood breaking and almost chuckling. The noise was unbearable in large amounts and like a campfire popping now and then when in small groups. As long as that group always was a good amount away the fires were tolerable. These big groups of trees felt like that little camp that was tolerable had bursted into a forest fires and was now burning her alive.


Would it be best if she just busted that door? Screaming like she so wanted at this moment. Screaming on the inside she was but at this point could she scream out loud?

Hating so much just talking normally how would she ever be able to bring herself to screams. The trees stands ripping their roots from the ground, the door unlocks. They all move in unison like sheep being herded. Light as the room is now empty leaving the girl to herself. She can’t stay that way though. Not part of the unspoken rules.


She rises picks her stuff up and leave the one out of many hours spent in more locked rooms. Deep breaths as she recovers and gets oxygen once again. Her burns still sore. She can’t seem to relax even when met with familiar faces. She don’t wanna say or do the wrong thing as that small simple tree could turn into a giant with branches that would now start strangeling her with those flames. The short time of recovery almost unnoticeable now past and the time came to do it all over again.


Trees break through the door planting themselves once again in their decided positions. She right behind following obediently. Her stomach turned and screaming like in a way reminding her this wasn’t something they wanted to be a part of. Holding on to calm the screams it got louder. She looked down on the ticket home, all she had to do was call her dear mother for resque. No of course it wasn’t that simple. She couldn’t possibly go home now after all this pain getting here. Like looking into a mirror she could see herself being watched by the trees their eyes focused on her, deciding her future. This decisions would surely end it. This was her last chance, she didn’t have that ticket home like she believed. Weak a voice said piercing her. It wasn’t much a voice than a feeling that wrapped around her.


No! She couldn’t take it anymore. She knew she was weak so why would it matter if she retreated? She unlocked the phone that lighted up on her face and opened up so she could contact her mother. When she stops, disappointment now wrapped around her mind and arm instead. What was she thinking? Ofcourse it mattered. Her mother didn’t she her as weak but she surely would if using the ticket was her action. She put down the phone but not before starting some music. It always soothed her and sometimes she could even forget the forest around her being set a flame.


“I have loved you for a thousand years” She chuckled to herself and thought ‘A thousand years? Impressive as you only live like a hundred years of that’ she mentally slapped herself reminding her to try at least thinking less logical about everything around her. Of Course that as well wasn’t something she could just do like that. She sighed and looked at the clock once more. Soon she would be home or by soon she meant in an hour, traveling was no easy task for her freakish paranoid mind. Sure she wasn’t truly paranoid but in a sense she did feel it.


Going home she had to plan the route carefully to ease her screaming stomach and crazy mess of a mind. Her phone almost dead she felt that nervous feeling gripping tighter around her neck. Just a little longer, it just had to stay on for a little more. While leaving the voices was just mumble in her head but she knew in a way what they were saying. She waved and said the usual stuff, smiled and continued down the stone path. Cars passing the streets and trees rushing over at every opportunity. Was she still listening to music, who knew. All she had in mind was the path home that she had repeated numerous times already in her mind.


The trains past the station on different platforms and the voice on the speaker spoke of the changes. She had after some time learnt to find the times where listening would fit in. But when the trains past the station sounding like bullets on impact it sure felt like a bullet on her filtering system, didn’t help that certain trees who liked to communicate with her would still talk while these loud bullet trains passed the station. It would be in all honestly impossible for her at these times to understand a word they were saying. Still she smiled and answered yes to everything while in secret looking for a topic she could jump on and continue the conversation with. Maybe even let them take over so she could blend in and disappear to the music she might or might not be listening to at the moment. Her head was enough already to listen to so if able to she would have rudely told the trees to stop talking to her as she wasn’t really listening anyways. She sat there and waited, train after train passing and a conversation with her or some other tree was going on in the background.


Then at the edge of the platform a blue train rolled in. It slowed down with a screech and the doors opening. Trees spilling out to the platform and once done her and the other trees going in. She to shy and to slow to really do anything ended up standing again. There was seats available but those trees on the other seat weren’t the most welcoming to outsiders. So she stood up and had a much clearer and more relaxing talk with her wery communicating tree pals. After all it wasn’t very day she had anyone at all to go home with so having someone instead of no one did feel better. Even though she couldn’t call them friends for what they had done before and still did to her.


The buss easy enough to take had no waiting after the train and more often than not had a seat waiting for her. She used that time to often rest and get her energy up before meeting her mother at her stop. If the buss that day decided to stop and that it didn’t do every time. She would usually stand up a little early to make it more clear for the driver that someone was indeed going of.


Her mother was in her car and waited at the road just besides the stop. She waved kindly to her daughter and she felt a bit of relief. She entered the car and talked to her mother, a mother who she could see as only that. A mother that was not a tree, not judging or demeaning but always loving and caring. That even though she knew everything about her, her weaknesses and fears still loved her. That she always liked about her mother. How they could talk to each other without feeling stress.


At home she headed up to her room and her mother a little sad let her go without all the question she most likely did have for her. In her room she felt all the burden of the day really hit her. Even going as far to be to tired of being tired. But even though she felt so tired she also felt happy and relieved cause now she could finally say…


“I’m home”


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