Angels I've Met Along the Way

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Commune with Your Heart

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



Sarah comes in to her scheduled appointment. She was apprehensive initially despite the fact that she knew how much therapy would help her get some things off her mind. She especially likes her freedom to talk without interruptions nor judgments.
As Dr. Kelly is getting her fileready, Sarah asks, “I’ve been thinking about what you said
in one of our sessions about both of us discussing what to expect from a partner realistically, etc. etc. I’ve been in love as you know, and sometimes I am confused if it’s chemistry or true love, or whether true love must be forged?
“Do you believe in coincidences, Doc? Or should we just let go of what is expected and allow for the natural to flow? Should we wait until the former, so the latter can take over?”
“We are all interlocked somehow and relationships are paramount,” she responds. “As I sit and listen to people and observe human behavior, unexpected spiritual connections do occur, Sarah. Sometimes we don’t realize what is being said at that particular time, but if we are open to the process, it usually comes back full circle. I believe the same can be said about love. I know of people who meet, date for three weeks, and get married for a lifetime. Others meet, date for two years, get married only to divorce six months later. So there’s really no right or wrong answer Sarah.
Thank you for asking and you will get more answers to your questions as the counseling process unfolds, I promise,” she smiles.
“Do say more, Doc,” notes Sarah. “Tell me a bit of yourself… your childhood, if you don’t mind.”
“No, I don’t mind,” she responds, being careful not to divulge too much.
“Let me share a snippet of my own life,” she continues. She begins to share how she was blessed with an amazing childhood, but that somehow, she felt that something was missing, despite having been raised with a younger brother. As she speaks to Sarah, she feels a nervous twinge in her stomach. Is that a twinkle she sees in Sarah’s eyes?
Sarah is comfortable, and it has only been a few sessions. She is feeling as if the child within is being listened to. She is quite intuitive and learning from her Psychology classes.
She remembers beginning a poem about that epiphany.
It’s waiting to come out… go ahead… love it… rescue it… as
you rescue it… YOU RESCUE YOURSELF… Go ahead and be
kind and gentle to her.
She breathes your air, feels your thoughts, sees your world,
And senses your desires.
Go ahead… pamper her, hold her, rock her to sleep… As you
love her… she embraces you KCAB!
Sarah drifts off for a second, and the alarm startles her. Sherealizes she did not hear the last few minutes of the conversation.She is reminded to keep bringing her poetry to the sessions. She thanks her for listening and leaves hurriedly. Her online class will start in one hour.
Things are beginning to make sense to Sarah as she drives home. “If a doctor sees life a bit as I do, hmmmm, then I’m okay.” She smiles with a smile that attracts a peace beyond all understanding.
Commune with your own heart… and be still.
— Psalm 4:4

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