Last Dance of the Black-Rose Monarchs

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Here we are again

You and I.

At minds end

All burnt out

Splayed to the four winds.

So take my hand

Just one last dance

An end to the eternity of romance.

Zoey dear

Although we loath one another

With you a knife to my throat

And I a gun to your gut

No hate do we feel for a seconds collapse.

So dance with me

Wife of the Black-Rose god

First reaper 

Zoey dear.

One foot forward, 

then one back.

We’ve done this before

Not so hard.

Perhaps we danced like this at our wedding,

So long ago,

A bare fragment it is within my mind.

An Empire we built 

Of infinite scale 

Never to end.

You ruler

I enforcer.

You and I, with children three

Number one hurts more than me.

Number two and three


How can that be?

A shame

Mother and Father

Ripping at throats 

But no war shall come.

We are civilised, are we not?

Divided rule

And all is well.

Though for now

Dance with me Zoey dear

Empress, Goddess 

I wish to hold you one last time

Feel the cold of your ashen skin.

An ancient beauty

Just like me.

And now the second ends

With sharp bite of blade

And bang of gun.

The Black-Rose Monarchs are no more.


Submitted: July 20, 2018

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