Back in Her Box

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driving back into the box where everything is paper and everything lasts forever.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Back in her Box


1200 miles to her past.

Winding roads lined with trees that look exactly how they should.

The blue house on the left with the same peeling paint and the same barking dog.

Cars still zooming threw the roads like flies.

Pot holes the size of all their missing morals.

The same dead deer from last winter on the left side of the road, right before the Hanson’s house.

Nothing has changed.

And she’s back again.

Driven back by the heat of Hades.

By the money grubbing hands of the sheep in line.

She’s back at the place where depression ate away at her brain.

And the pills blocked her throat with poison.

The same plain cardboard box.

The same town where no one ever leaves for good and all the bad things never leave.

Ghosts walking in the woods.

lives lived in generations of super glue.

They are stuck.

But she got out.

She left and is going to leave again.

Shes not going to be a sheep.

You’ll never hear her say your speech.

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