Jerusalem Engines

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This is a love poem, written in the style of an Old Testament psalm (in a sense).

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Jerusalem Engines


The city walls pulse with the knowledge of soldiers' fears,

I have no hint of weaponry: nay, not one;

The torchlights swagger with the threat of daughters' tears,

I have no sense of history: nay, not one.


She appears to me with the promise of sweeter days to come,

I have no time for leniency: nay, not now;

She comforts me with the dulcimer, the psaltery, the drum;

I have no room for sympathy: nay, not now.


Death is now my brother, and my brother calls me out by name,

I no longer have a soul to speak of: nay, not one;

Men will lay in linen by my hand, their eyes will speak my shame,

I no longer have a land to return for: nay, not one.


She returns to me with the solace of unbroken dreams to be,

I have no fear of redemption: nay, not now;

She anoints me with her oils, she soothes me with her mystery,

I have no cause to lose her love: nay, not now.


We built engines in Jerusalem

To darken our fallen land,

In my house, it shall be said,


Love dared to show its hand.

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