Modern Cuts for Modern Men

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Based on a true story involving a recovering alcoholic from a prominent family in his hometown in Alabama. He was stabbed to death after an argument over a bottle.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Modern Cuts for Modern Men


His father ran the power company like a cheap Swiss watch,
as the last of the cuts poured out blood and Mad Dog,

mama's precious blue-eyed drunk lay gutted and silenced,
gutted and silenced on Huntsville city property.

Olan Mills had no idea what they once captured on film,
Tom and Vivian and their two small ideas for boys;
each looking so bright and sober that morning,
the combs finding no reluctance, no resistance, no defiance.

One would grow to be every father's waking dream,
a Marine so pulled and taut and inspection-ready,
drawing his service revolver so smoothly from its home

one might never feel the sting.

The other would not show up in any more wallet-sized pictures,

nor would he ever agree to pass the plate in church again,

This other son would fail to keep his promises to God and country,
finding himself mired in piss and Jack and shattered glass bottles.


His father would identify the body in his own sweet time,
but the police said a homeless man was already in custody;
A jogger found the body sprawled over some battered suitcases,
his one acceptable arm already pointed towards home.

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