Late Nights

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I wrote this on a Late Night channeling my different lives that I carry with me in this one lol

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Late Nights 


 Late nights be the worst

Thinking to myself 

You be wanting to play

Freak off or drink yourself damn near to hell...

“Knock, Knock

Tina Did you hear what I said 

Na bae what you say as she sat across from her husband at Le Ctouì

I said...”


I wonder what Tony is doing

Him and his boys probably about to roll up. I should text and see if I could join the next session . Damn he gives the best.....


“Tina!!! Damn it! What the hell is wrong with you? I am sitting here trying to talk to you about the merger and your not answering me. I’m sorry baby I just have a lot on my mind. What day did you say? 

Tuesday Mr. Pulzerm decided 

I get to lead.........”


He’s always talking never allows me to say nothing.

Not like Harold that man just knows how to let a woman bear her soul. I wonder what he’s doing tonight? He’s such a good dad he’s probably tucking  Sabrina into bed maybe I could swing.....


“So Tina you gonna answer?


Answer what Troy? I already said I’ll be there!


Not him. Me!”


Tina looked up from her husband face to see Maurice standing there and she gazed into his deep brown eyes that she fell into the first time she saw him and all she could think was damn Hello Mr. Lonely Nights 


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