The Baby at the Gate

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I can only assume that you have stumbled onto this series of stories by mistake. After all no sane person would willingly put themselves through this. I've warned you reader, turn away now and find
a better way to pass the hours of your sad life. It's a dangerous game you are playing, once you begin to put the puzzle together you won't be able to walk away. Not until you've found answers.
Answers that you don't want. Please, I beg you, look away from these tragic events on find a better use of your life.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



The Baby at the Gate.

The stalwart man behind the bar was seemed unphased by the loud group of three who had wandered into the tavern. But that was his job to be in the background, listening, knowing.

“I’ve got another job for you Busy,” The man with the eye patch said in his slow deep voice. She looked from him to the other man, “What kinda job?” She seemed uneasy about them both, but since they were members and they had worked together before she put aside her mistrusting attitude.

“We got this-- show her the map Rossco,” The shorter man elbowed the larger man with the eye patch. The bigger man pulled out a large map.

“Is that what I think it is?” Busy’s thick accent was full of surprise

“Yeah, it’s a map of the four realms found by yours truly,”

“Where did you get this?” She questioned.

“Adria,” The big man said.

“You mean you’ve been back?”

“Of course, we’ve been back!” The smaller man’s thick city accent come out more than he meant it to.

“Listen Busy, we know you’re a good traveler, you proved that much back in December, you remember back in December when you proved that much?”

She nodded her head, “Yes,”

“Well me and Rossco here, we need a third traveler, to open the gate.”

“But there are lots of travelers, why do you want me?” she questioned.

The two men exchanged glances.

“You aren’t self-taught like the rest of us; you see Busy we need-- we need someone who isn’t at risk of the curse. It’s getting harder on the other side, things have been happening, even now the portal has been well…. moving.”

“Moving?” She exclaimed.

Ivan raised an eyebrow, he had heard rumors, but Reginald Cane was a reliable source.

“We go in through the door, but we come out at a different spot every time. And what’s more is that once we’ve come out, we can’t always find the way back. It’s always different, like someone is moving it. We need the certainty of knowing that at least one of us will always make it back. So, what do you say Busy? Will you be joining us?”

“Yes, I will be.” She said in a breathy voice.

“We can only pay you half as much as you are making now…” Reggie’s voice seemed hopeful.

“NO! No, please, I don’t want any of your money, consider this a favor among friends.” Her voice seemed sad, and Ivan stared soberly down at the floor.

“I appreciate everything you two have done for the organization, your sacrifices will not be in vain.”

“I know,” Rossco smiled.

“Thank you Busy, we will be in touch then, when the time is right.”

“When the time is right.” She repeated in a soft voice to herself.

The gentlemen got up and left the tavern. Busy walked over to the bar and took a seat.

“the ‘Mad men’”

“Used to be,” Ivan replied.

“Whatever happened to the other one?”



“Disappeared years ago, no one’s seen C.R since the three of them went into the portal. Only two came back.”

“Do you realize, Ivan, what a functioning map of Ardia could mean for us?”

“Yes, ma'am,” Ivan said slowly.

“The organization is under attack Ivan, there have been more disappearances in the last year than all the previous ones combine.”

“You heard em’ something isn’t right over there, best to find a way to shut the portal before whatever it is comes into our world.”

“You may be right.” She sipped her drink. “Maybe.”

Jack Faraday come out of the back room hollering.

“Something came through the portal!” He was carrying a newborn child. Pinned to the child was a message that read: “For when the time is right- C.R” Around the child was a gold pendant inside of it lay a jewel.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“The Aurora jewel” Said Jack breathlessly, he hadn’t seen it since C.R used it open the portal.

“What are we going to do with the baby?”

Jack looked at Ivan, who seemed to regret the idea they both had.

“I know a place not far from here.”


“The Puckett-Connelly Orphanage” Jack said.

“You’re going to give the child to Puckett?”

“You know him?”

“Yes, unfortunately I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Puckett, in fact he stole something from me that I would very much like to get back.” She took the child from Jack, “I’ll deliver the baby,”

“Alright, take it away at once,” Jack said, seeing a few more members come in.

“Have you any idea at all about who this child could be?” She asked, Ivan began to say something, but stopped.

“No, none whatsoever.” Jack said and hurried her away.

Her drive to Mr. Puckett’s orphanage seemed longer with the rain and the cover of night. The streets of the small town were empty, and the automobile could not be heard over the pouring rain. She at first carried the child to the back yard where she made her way through the path and stopped a moment under a tree where she ripped off a piece of fruit. Squinting in the darkness she could no longer see the way to the back door and so she returned to the front.

Busy looked at the child as she set him down in the rain.

“I’ll see you soon,” She whispered almost to herself, before she ran away.  

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