battle against myself

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so on my journey had help from a friend and one day i was just having a horrible day i was being clingy, and my friend told me go do something creative rated him home so i did. i always had trouble
making them positive this is the first one that i was able to go from negative to being positive it’s very sentimental to me

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



The biggest battle lies within me

All failed accomplishments because it tries to diminish me

I seek out for help knowing my results

For no one can help me destroy my inner thoughts 

It consumes my beautiful soul knowing my weakness

Uses it against me knowing i will forfeit 


I try so hard too rid it once and for all

Yet i wake up each morning still trapped behind a wall

How much strength is it gonna take afterall I’m just a girl

No fuck that negative shit i am a healer of this world


You may have me now but i promise i will rise 

I have a fucking purpose to save and heal lives

Everything I’ve gone through all the pain I’ve endured 

Was creating a monster to help the greater good 

I’m undefeated and untamed and fuck am i close, too devouring and dismantling this darkness you bring to earth 

Yes you’re good, perhaps you are wise and you come to me in disguise but never underestimate my intelligence inside 


I’m now far more powerful then i ever was before 

But you know this already because your hitting me full force 

See i have a weapon, your greatest enemy to be 

I have angels on my side whom will always guide me

Through darkness and evil they never leave my side and lately I’ve felt their presence arise

But ultimately i know I’m really on my own 

It’s up to me too win back and fight for my home

Your unwelcome get out for these thoughts are all mine 

I’m sick of being controlled and held back from this destiny i climb 

This negativity must go now this world needs peace 

And I’m sent here to do so pack up and leave 



Hi nice to meet you I’m the beast here to eat you they call me a lot but one thing is certain I am the fucking dark angel and I will be destroying your purpose ???? 

See you may be my darkness, my SHADOW to be exact but I’m aware of your company which makes you no match 

You’ve heard of dark angels? Well unfortunately I’m yours 

And I’ve already won these doors are now closed

Slowly your disappearing and your lucky that is all 

I’ll be fucking damned if my shadow will ever let me fall!!

© Copyright 2018 Samantha Louise. All rights reserved.

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